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Clean Air Zone

Meeting: 24/04/2020 - Overview and Scrutiny Management Board (Item 21)

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This report will follow on 20th April, after the publication of the papers for the 28th April Cabinet meeting.

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Members were provided with a presentation from the Head of Strategic City Transport and Programme Coordinator (slides are in the published pack). During the ensuing discussion the following points were discussed;


·        An Outline Business Case had been submitted to Government in November 2019; however a response had been delayed by the planned general election.

·        There had been an expectation that Bristol’s compliance year would come forward; OSMB Members were advised that it was originally anticipated that compliance would be 2024, and additional modelling showed this had come forward to 2023.

·        The Government's Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU) has not indicated any change to the approach due to Covid-19.

·        The modelling process utilised was recommended by JAQU.

·        It had been calculated that all schemes would result in fewer car trips overall; the CAZ D had a ‘sloping impact’ as people would change their vehicles over time; the diesel ban would have an immediate impact due to the cut-off point at date of implementation.

·        There was a discussion about levels of traffic displacement outside of the proposed diesel ban area.  Members were advised that further information could be requested but it was anticipated this would show an overall average reduction with small peaks.

·        It was confirmed that CAZ D was not a congestion charge, as it only charged specified polluting vehicles.

·        Members were advised that people were already making vehicle purchasing decisions which took into account an upcoming scheme, and greater clarity could increase that trend. 

·        Motorway closures would have an impact on air quality; modelling this was   difficult.

·        Members were advised that the focus on legal compliance within a specified framework by the government meant there was a narrow methodology officers had to use; and this would not provide scope to take some other factors into account.





That that update be noted.


That Members are concerned that no consideration has been given to the “overspill” impact on wards neighbouring the Clean Air Zone, or on those wards affected by the main routes into the city centre.


That a full presentation be made to OSMB on the impact on the City as a whole of the final

proposals, before the Full Business Case is submitted.


That the Overview & Scrutiny Management Board present a statement to Cabinet setting out its views.