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Police and Community Safety Report

Meeting: 28/06/2016 - Henbury, Brentry and Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership (Item 9)

9 Green Capital Projects Update 3 (Ed Norton, Lifecycle) pdf icon PDF 67 KB

Report back on achievement of Green Capital project



The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the verbal update and presentation from Chrissie Decker, LifeCycle. (presentation attached)


The following was noted as part of the discussion: - 


      a.            The Partnership was keen to see this project continued throughout the summer months and replicated in other wards.

      b.            There were a number of funding options that could be explored either via an application through the Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing fund or via a 2012 Olympics legacy fund administered by Quartet Community Foundation entitled ’14 Fund’.  The information would be passed on to the teams fund raiser by Ed Norton.

Action: Ed Norton


       c.            The Partnership suggested the use of volunteers to build capacity in the scheme. The team would be interested in exploring this further. The Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator to pass on details of people who could progress this work to Serge Chapman.


Action: Chrissie Decker and Keith Houghton


      d.            The Bike Back scheme had been nominated for a National award and Life Cycle asked people to log on to vote for them.

Meeting: 20/06/2016 - Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership (Item 8)

8 Police and Community Safety Report (Inspector Nigel Colston) pdf icon PDF 166 KB


The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the Crime and Community Safety Report presented by Sergeant Deakin on behalf of Inspector Nigel Colston.


In discussion the following was noted:


     a.            It was confirmed that the report now showed a rolling 12 months of results rather than a snapshot.

     b.            The Officer confirmed that although there has been a small fall in the recording of race and religious hate crime.  Work was continuing around other types of hate crime as the true level of crime with a hate element is believed to be significantly higher. 

      c.            It was noted that after two HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary) inspections. All crime reported is now recorded and results covered the whole of South Bristol.

     d.            It was noted that there had been a change in the law. Violence against a person now included Harassment such as swearing or via electronic means such as via social media, for example Facebook.

     e.            Domestic violence reporting.  There was further work required to enable reporting of south Bristol statistics.  It was noted that more detail was requested specifically for the Dundry View area.

Action : Inspector Nigel Colston


       f.            A restructuring of neighbourhood policing teams had been implemented to cover the new ward boundaries and three sergeants would now police those areas. 9 PCSO vacancies had resulted in reduced capacity and it was acknowledged that due to recent losses in staff the team were the most understrength team. 3 PCSO’s were currently in training for deployment in August/September. 

     g.            Changes in the way data was presented could be expected.  Data to be looked at month to month on a rolling basis.  It was noted that this would take time to bed in to be able to see comparison data and trends year on year. 

     h.            A Cllr asked if there were particular reasons for a 53% increase in theft of motor vehicles.  It was confirmed that with an increase in crime overall car crime was a quick and easy crime to carry out and difficult to detect unless witnessed or forensic evidence found.  It was important for car owners to take the usual precautions of not leaving valuables on view in their vehicles.


        i.            A resident questioned how action taken in the community to address crime was being communicated to the community as there was a suggestion from residents that they were demoralised about reporting incidents due to lack of response or follow up.  The officer expressed surprise and concern as the data demonstrated that every victim of crime was contacted within 72 hours.  The officer asked for feedback where there had been examples when a call back had not been received in order to investigate and find out why. 


       j.            It was confirmed that the current beat officers remained the same and were not due to change.


The Neighbourhood Partnership AGREED:

To note the report and comments and actions arising.