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Bristol Walking Alliance (Ben Barker/HHEAG)

Meeting: 28/06/2016 - Henbury, Brentry and Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership (Item 11)

Henbury and Brentry Community Plan (Tim Parkinson)

Verbal update on achievement of Henbury and Brentry Community Plan.



The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the verbal update on the achievement of Henbury and Brentry Community Plan from Tim Parkinson.

      a.            The draft plan submitted to the DCLG and been approved in early April and the plan would be launched at an event on 23rd July.  The plan would be delivered to every house in the wards.


The Neighbourhood Partnership AGREED to note the report.


Meeting: 20/06/2016 - Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership (Item 9)

9 Bristol Walking Alliance (Ben Barker/HHEAG) pdf icon PDF 83 KB


The Neighbourhood Partnership considered a report of the Bristol Walking Alliance presented by Ben Barker.


In discussion the following was noted:


     a.            The Partnership was in agreement with the aims and objectives of the Bristol Walking Alliance.

     b.            Cllrs asked that any volunteer opportunities should be accessible to all members

      c.            Concern raised that any additional action against cars on narrow roads could be seen as an attack on car owners.

     d.            It was confirmed that any volunteer may need to commit to meet locally and travel to the centre for meetings currently once per month

     e.            It was suggested that HHEAG might the proper organisation to lead on this work.

       f.            Bristol had been named as the 2017 European City of Sport, there was potential to put a joint proposal together to access some funding to provide legacy projects for projects around exercise and activity.  For example a mapping of the South Bristol walking network along waterways and circular walks and providing accessible walkways, signposted and seating for the five Neighbourhood Partnerships South of the river.


The Neighbourhood Partnership AGREED:

(i)           To join the Bristol Walking Alliance

(ii)        To carry out some further work to confirm the appointment of a Partnership member or subgroup member to represent Dundry View  at BWA meetings and feedback to the Partnership.