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Introduction from Directors

Meeting: 14/07/2016 - Growth and Regeneration Scrutiny Commission (Item 8)

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The Strategic Director for Place made a presentation introducing the Service Directors within the directorate, and the four Cabinet Members with responsibility for areas within the remit of the Scrutiny Commission.


The powerpoint presentation would be distributed to members of the commission. ACTION: Johanna Holmes


In response to questions the following points were clarified;

·         Rental of major development sites such as Cabot Circus had been very well managed and subject to external review.

·         Social value had been incorporated into the pre-construction and construction phases of the arena development.  65% of those working to build the arena would be from the west of England, 30% from BS1-BS16 within the city.  Operationally a large majority of jobs were likely to be service based and 1700 jobs within the Enterprise Zone as a whole.

·         It was important in the aftermath of ‘Brexit’ that a trade pivot towards the rest of the world was addressed and possible more relaxed rules around specifying local companies within work undertaken by the Council in future. There should be scrutiny within those changes and officers agreed to provide an update on that at an appropriate time.


The presentation was noted.