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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: United Reformed Church, Wigton Crescent, Southmead, BS10 6DY

Contact: Louise deCordova 

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Welcome, Introductions and Safety Information pdf icon PDF 75 KB


The Chair, Councillor Massey opened the meeting and led introductions. She apologised on behalf of Cllr Helen Godwin, who was due to chair the meeting, but was unable to attend due to ill-health.


The Chair confirmed that a number of items would be taken out of sequence in order to accommodate those who had to leave due to other commitments.



Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Councillor Godwin, Lynne Haynes, John Butler and Pat Newport.



Henbury, Brentry & Southmead Community Plans (Alex Kittow, Southmead Development Trust; Tim Parkinson, Henbury & Brentry Community Council) pdf icon PDF 79 KB

Updates on progress in the Community Plans.


The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the Southmead Development Trust progress update on the achievements of the Southmead Community Plan presented by Alex Kittow.


  1. Partnership Members noted that more people would be needed to progress some of the themed work detailed in the plan.  This could be difficult in light of the cuts.


  1. The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the Henbury and Brentry Community Council  progress updates on achievements of the Henbury and Brentry Community Plan presented by Tim Parkinson.


  1. Partnership Members noted that a negotiation had progressed to implement an informal arrangement between the Community Council for the Henbury Centre, Machin Road, to be run as a community centre under a 3 year lease.  There would be a need for volunteers to come forward to run it.  The Community Council expressed concern about moving forward with no funding, difficulties covering administration expenses and needed more leadership on some themes – would be difficult to see how progress could be made without the support of the Neighbourhood Partnership.


  1. The Neighbourhood Coordinator asked Partnership members to note that their work to date had had a positive influence on other local communities and had inspired and encouraged work on the Sea Mills Community Plan and a Community Plan initiative within Shirehampton.


  1. The Neighbourhood Coordinator circulated the Neighbourhoods extract from the Corporate Strategy 2017-2022 and an update from the Deputy Director of Neighbourhoods and Communities.


  1. The Partnership members considered the revised proposal outlined in the document and were asked to note that the Partnership could be supported until June 2017.


  1. Partnership Members were concerned about the tone and content of the document which did not provide any further clarity about the timescale and the level of funding and understood that this would not be determined until the budget was set at Full Council in February.  Partnership members wanted assurances that the s.106 monies would remain devolved.  Partnership members noted that they were in a position of strength having developed plans for each ward which could demonstrate how funds would be spent.


  1. It was confirmed that Cllr Asher Craig, the Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, had suggested that S106 and CIL funds would remain devolved to local decision making – the process for this in the absence of the NP would need to be sorted out in the coming few months


  1. The future of Wellbeing Funding was also raised. Cllr Massey confirmed that she’s asked this question too and is awaiting further clarification whether there will be a budget available in 2017/18. The Budget proposals are suggesting a reduction of £100,000 from the £350,000 annual budget previously available and distributed city-wide


  1. Partnership members were concerned that it would be increasingly difficult to have influence with a lack of funding and resource commitment from the Council.


  1. Partnership members expressed concern that it was not yet possible to make a decision until the outcomes from the Full Council discussions were known.


  1. Partnership members agreed that the Neighbourhood fFrums worked and asked for a commitment from the police to continue  ...  view the full minutes text for item 24a


Declarations of Interest

To note any declarations of interest from the Councillors.  They are asked to indicate the relevant agenda item, the nature of the interest and in particular whether it is a disclosable pecuniary interest.


Any declarations of interest made at the meeting which is not on the register of interests should be notified to the Monitoring Officer for inclusion.



None declared.


Public Forum

To consider any public forum statements submitted.


The deadline for the receipt of statements is:

12 noon on Monday 23 January 2017.


None received.


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 226 KB

To agree the Minutes of the 27th September 2016 as a correct record.

Matters Arising and Action Sheet.


Additional documents:


The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the Minutes and Action Sheet.


The Neighbourhood Partnership AGREED that the minutes of the Henbury, Brentry and Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership on 27 September be confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Bristol Clean Streets Campaign (Kurt James, Co-ordinator, Bristol Clean Streets Campaign) pdf icon PDF 308 KB

What the Mayor’s Clean Streets Campaign is looking to achieve and what impact it can make in the NP area.


The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the report of the Bristol Clean Streets Campaign Coordinator.


  1. The Partnership members noted the plans to make Bristol measurably cleaner by 2020. The focus of the Campaign is graffiti; dog mess; chewing gum; litter and fly-tipping. Residents were asked to share stories of any work that was being done in the community to contribute to improving the look and feel of their neighbourhoods so it could be shared with others.


  1. Partnership members raised concern about the increased costs of bulky waste collection from £15 to £25  and what could be done to support low income families.  It was noted that an amnesty day initiative every second month could support families to reduce waste at home and in gardens. Bristol Waste has received fewer requests for bulky waste collection since the cost increase – but is receiving higher revenue. It’s not clear if fly-tipping has increased.


  1. Concern was raised regarded the continuous build-up of domestic and commercial waste outside premises, particularly with flats above.  It was noted that Bristol Waste Company would be happy to work with residents to develop a plan to manage the root of the issues in problem areas.


  1. The Bristol Waste Company has employed Community Engagement Officers to work in 4 areas of the City to help support community initiatives with equipment, publicity or to help resolve local concerns around waste issues.


  1. Some work is required to ensure that waste operatives were collecting all recyclables as sometimes items such as clothing are left behind.


  1. Kurt advertised the role of residents taking up action in their communities to complement what agencies such as BCC and Bristol Waste could deliver.


  1. Local people can contribute to The Great Bristol Spring Clean, taking place on 3rd – 5th March (linked to the GB Spring Clean). The campaign is also organising a Big Spray Day in May, focused on dog poo and raising awareness. This takes place alongside Bristol University analysing the pathogens in dog poo to emphasise the health risks.


  1. In Henbury & Brentry the Search Group and some local residents are doing clean-ups;


  1. Resident in the audience described how Southmead Road is a persistent problem, with repeat dumping and problems with commercial waste. Reports into the Council for the past 18 months and an article in the Post haven’t resolved it. Enforcement action may be needed.


  1. Lydia Francisty from Bristol Waste offered to contribute to the Southmead Festival. She confirmed that the Waste Company employees are being educated because they have sometimes rejected items of recycling that they should take. Lydia can support resident groups to organise local clean-ups and litter picks.



The Neighbourhood Partnership AGREED  to note the report.


NP Plan Update Report (Keith Houghton, NP Coordinator) pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Revised NP Plan priorities and updates and NP representation on Ranch CAT applications.

Additional documents:


The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the NP Plan Update report.


  1. The Neighbourhood Coordinator referred members to the latest NP Plan Delivery Schedule which had been developed at the 4th January NP forward planning event and the Partnership agreed that this should be adopted.                                                         


  1. The partnership agreed that the planned March Police & Crime Commissioner event should go ahead but it was noted that there was no funding to book a venue although there may be potential to secure the use of Greenway Centre Hall free of charge.  Action: Keith Houghton


  1. Partnership Members agreed that the youth centre should be involved with any work to explore how young people can influence the partnership community plans.


  1. It was agreed that the neighbourhood coordinator email partnership members to secure volunteers to act as a NP representative to contribute to an assessment of Southmead Ranch CAT expressions of interest. Action: Keith Houghton


  1. It was agreed that the neighbourhood coordinator email partnership members to secure volunteers to act as a NP representative at the Locality Conference on 4th February. Action: Keith Houghton


The Neighbourhood Partnership AGREED:


  1. To note the uncertainty about the future of BCC funding for NP work and to approve the strategy recommended at the 4th January Governance event to focus available NP resources on delivering a focused set of key NP priorities which enable Southmead and Henbury & Brentry to deliver their Community Plan priorities.
  2. to approve going ahead with 20th March event with the Police & Crime Commissioner if the Greenway Centre Hall can be secured as a venue
  3. To note the progress on different elements in the NP Action Plan and in particular to explore how young people can influence the Community Plans in Southmead and Henbury/Brentry
  4. To note the situation with the Southmead Ranch CAT and agree an NP representative to contribute to assessment of the CAT Expressions of Interest
  5. To note the Locality Conference on 4th February 2017 and its link to potential future neighbourhood development in Bristol and agree two resident members to attend on behalf of the NP
  6. To note for information the Learning Partnership West delivery report for North Bristol for Qtr 3 2016



NP Business Report (Keith Houghton, NP Coordinator) pdf icon PDF 190 KB

Wellbeing Freeze, Traffic & Transport sub-group date in March 2017; latest s106 and CIL funds and action to identify Library improvements.

Additional documents:


The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the Business Activities report and the Transformers Youth Fund report presented by the Neighbourhood Coordinator. 


  1. The Partnership accepted the recommendation to accept £5000 Transformer’s Youth Fund and administer through the Wellbeing Process as per the conditions within the report, with decisions to be agreed by the whole Neighbourhood Partnership.


  1. The Partnership discussed the risk to future NP budgets and potential restrictions to fund future Highways schemes.  There was agreement to hold a public meeting to comment on proposals for the South Gloucestershire traffic modelling to get a better picture of what would be affected and any planned mitigation to the changes.


  1. The Partnership discussed the latest S106 contributions and the latest statement on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), including the new contributions.


  1. It was suggested that the Partnership set up a Library team to identify improvements to Henbury Library which can be brought to the March NP.  The Neighbourhood Coordinator to email and ask other residents to take part and consider what the money could be spent on. Action: Keith Houghton.


The Neighbourhood Partnership AGREED:


  1. To note the Wellbeing Fund balance and the suspension of the Wellbeing Fund from 29th November because of the BCC Spending Freeze and note that CIL and S106 monies are not affected by the freeze.
  2. To accept the £5,000 Transformers young people’s funding for decision at the March 2017 NP meeting.
  3. To note the risk to future NP budgets and potential restrictions to fund future Highways schemes and the further delay in finalising the South Gloucestershire  traffic modelling and to approve the recommended timetable to hold a further Traffic and Transport sub-group with the BS10 Parks and Planning Group.
  4. To note the latest S106 contributions including £57,460.70 for Parks/Open Spaces arising from the Brentry Hospital development and £19,683.81 from the same source to improve Henbury Library and the latest statement on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
  5. To approve the recommended action to identify improvements to Henbury Library which can be brought to the March NP meeting for decision
  6. To note the legal information to have due regard to Public Sector Equality Duty.