Agenda and minutes

Health and Wellbeing Board
Thursday, 14th September, 2017 2.00 pm

Venue: A Committee Room - City Hall, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR. View directions

Contact: Claudette Campbell 

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Welcome, apologies and introductions


Cllr Asher Craig Chaired the meeting and welcomed those present and led introductions.


The following apologies were noted:

·       Mayor Marvin Rees

·       Dr Martin Jones

·       John Readman

·       Julia Ross – substitute Justine Rawlings

·       Cllr Helen Holland

·       Keith Sinclair


Public forum - must be about items on the agenda

Written questions (must be about items on the agenda):

Written questions may be submitted in advance of the meeting by a member of

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The deadline for receipt of questions for the 14 September Health and Wellbeing

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Please note: wherever possible (bearing in mind the limited time available in

advance of the meeting for the preparation of replies), a written reply will be

provided to a question at the meeting, and the questioner will then receive an

opportunity to ask one supplementary oral question per question submitted.


Petitions and written statements (must be about items on the


Members of the public and members of the Council may submit a petition or

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Declarations of interest


Board Members Elaine Flint & Vicki Morris ask for it to be noted that the organisation they represented may be involved in the commissioning process.



Key decision - Bristol Behaviour Change for Healthier Lifestyles Programme pdf icon PDF 88 KB

Additional documents:


It was clarified that this was a Bristol City Council key executive decision to be taken by Cllr Craig in the forum of the HWB and that Cllr Craig had delegated authority from the Mayor to do so.


The Board considered a report on a key decision in relation to the Public Health strategy to commission and procure a new contract to deliver changes to the lifestyle behaviours of Bristol residents.


Sally Hogg and Viv Harrison Consultants in Public Health presented the report and briefed the Board.

·         The Strategy had been presented to the Board in October 2016, followed by a request to launch the consultation in April.  The outcomes of the consultation had been feed into the programme model.  The service specifications were now complete and the next step was the procurement process.

Main points raised / noted:

a.      Justine Rawlings substitute for Julia Ross CCG – posed a number of questions and raised a number of concerns summarised below;

·        Acknowledged the drive around cost containment, with 15% reduction in funding reassurance sought that new model would deliver on expected outcomes

·        Noted and welcomed the move towards digital approach

·        Sought information on the impact of implementing the programme model, intended and unintended consequence, had they been scoped out.

·        Information on the impact on GP’s practice

·        Information on the mitigation strategy to manage outcomes

·        The reason for such a challenging time line for delivery

·        Information on how the model benefited service providers and service users

·        Sought assurance around numbers

·        Questioned whether the CCG leaders have seen and understood the model and the potential impact

b.      Becky Pollard DPH – provided the following assurances;

                                                    i.     Referred the Board to Appendix E – completed Equality Impact Assessment.  Confirmed the wide reaching engagement that had taken place with providers and stakeholders. The message and the drive to work together had been shared and promoted.

                                                   ii.     The time line had been impacted by the 2017 June general election, that limited a number of activities during the pre-election period.  The procurement window had narrowed as a result and it was imperative that the commissioning process concluded before the end of the current provider’s contract.

                                                  iii.     The consultation process had included a representative from the CCG therefore it was a concern that that input had not been shared with strategic leaders.

                                                  iv.     The detail of the programme model would be released to all at the same time.  Bidders Day was an opportunity to receive information on the detail.

                                                   v.     Confirmation that Health providers had been included in the consultation.

c.      Vicki Morris – shared that she attended a STP steering group, focused on steering the work STP would do with Institute of Voluntary Action Research.  The attendees were unaware of the prevention remit of Public Health and the possible duplication if their worked focused on that area instead of ‘self-care’.  The opportunity was taken to inform the group of the Healthy Lifestyle service.

d.      The Officers provided assurances that;

                                                    i.     The report considered the impact of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 95.


Information item - Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment update pdf icon PDF 51 KB


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