Agenda and minutes

Area Committee 6 - Monday, 29th November, 2021 6.00 pm

Venue: The Council Chamber - City Hall, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR. View directions

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Welcome, Apologies and Introductions pdf icon PDF 411 KB


The Chair welcomed all parties to the meeting and asked them to introduce themselves.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Kerry Bailes and Councillor Paul Goggin.


Minutes of the previous meeting held on 28th July 2021 pdf icon PDF 450 KB

To consider the minutes of the last meeting held on the 20th July 2021


It was moved by Councillor Richard Eddy, seconded by Councillor Tim Kent and it was


RESOLVED – that the Minutes of the previous Meeting held on 28th July 2021 be agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.



Declarations of Interest

To hear any declaration of interests from Councillors on the Area Committee.


The following Declarations of Interest were made:


Councillor Tim Kent declared an interest as a member of the Our Whitchurch and Hengrove Community Group Working Group in relation to the project requesting community defibrillators.


Councillor Zoe Goodman declared an interest as a member of the Filwood and Broadway Member Working Group in relation to the proposal for a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) at Court Farm Road.


Public Forum

Members of the public may make a written statement ask a question or present a petition and is about a matter which is the responsibility of the committee concerned. Your statement or question will be sent to the Committee and be available in the meeting room one hour before the meeting.


Please submit it to The following requirements apply:

·         The statement is received no later than 12.00 noon on the working day before the meeting 26th November 2021.

·         The question is received no later than three clear working days before the meeting 23rd  November 5pm.




There was no Public Forum for this meeting.


Community Resources Manager Update and Decision Report pdf icon PDF 2 MB

The report recommends funding decisions on submitted proposals for CIL and S106 funding; decisions on previously-allocated sums of S106 and CIL which are either underspent or have not been drawn-down; a decision on a proposal to ‘pair wards’ within the AC area.

Additional documents:


The Community Resources Manager presented this report. He explained that 6-monthly updates were previously published  in August 2021 and would be provided to Councillors in February 2022. The Community Development team are working to produce some more in depth videos about particular projects which would be provided to support the Committee publicise their work.


A number of Councillors expressed concern that no representative of transport was available at today’s meeting since a number of projects had not been completed as transport officers had originally indicated that they would be, such as at Inns Court. In some cases, it was noted that the schemes would not now be delivered until March 2022  and were approximately three or four years old.


The Community Resources Manager noted the importance of the accuracy of comments made in the report about when schemes would be delivered. He confirmed that Transport   officers had indicated that no new schemes would be commenced until Summer 2022 when it was anticipated all existing schemes would be completed and would need to ensure the February 2022 update reflected this.

It was also noted that this issue had been raised by other Area Committees. ACTION: Keith Houghton to advise Mark Sperduty to ensure Area Committee 6 Councillors are properly advised in the February 2022 update concerning the status of transport schemes


Filwood councillors noted that, in relation to the MUGA in Filwood Broadway area project, that was not invited to come forward with a Full Proposal, the notes in the report should read that ‘councillors seek alternative funding’, not ‘suggested following up alternative funding’


The Community Resources Manager drew attention to the following:


            At the end of October 2021 there was an overall sum of £567,278.84 available to   Area Committee 6, which breaks down as follows:


For General AC6 expenditure: £229,441.25

For Hengrove Neighbourhood Development Plan expenditure: £337,837


            The Section 106 (S106) available to the Area Committee totalled at the end of October 2021 £53,961.62 of uncommitted Section 106 agreement monies available for Area Committee 6 - of this sum £9,864.14 is for Transport-focused work; £24,097.48 is for Libraries and £9,864.14 remains for Parks and Green Spaces work


If the Committee approves all the requests for CIL funding at Item 6 a total of CIL would remain as follows:


For General AC6 expenditure: - £77,824.75

For Hengrove Neighbourhood Development Plan expenditure: £102,837.59


In discussion about the General AC6 CIL overcommitment it was noted that the Our Whitchurch and Hengrove Community Group had indicated that they were prepared to accept that the request for £30,000 for Project 13, the St Augustine’s Park Improvements Scheme is withdrawn from this year’s allocations on the basis that they would not be able to meet the commitment to provide these within a year. In addition that Project 7, Community Defibrillators would be funded from the Hengrove Neighbourood Development Plan CIL monies, not the General AC6 CIL monies.


The Committee agreed to the principle of overcommitment of funding where required on the understanding that the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.