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Agenda and minutes

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Contact: Allison Taylor 

No. Item


Election of Chair

AC1 to consider whether to appoint an informal Resident Chair and a Councillor Vice-Chair.


1. Election of Chair


Councillor Jerome Thomas was nominated and seconded as Chair. There were no further nominations


The Chair then proposed the election of an informal resident Chair, Fraser Bridgeford, who was in attendance. He noted that this was not part of the Terms of Reference but would help in formalising a link to Community Groups. This was seconded. Fraser introduced himself to the Committee and explained his background and experience. The Committee agreed to support Fraser taking up this role subject to him making formal links to all the community groups represented at Area Committee 1. The Chair then proposed Don Alexander as Vice Chair of the Committee and this was seconded and agreed. The Chair, Vice-Chair and Resident Chair would act as a Steering Group in respect of releasing of monies for projects.


Resolved - (Unanimously):-


1. That Councillor Jerome Thomas be elected Chair of Area Committee 1;

2. That Councillor Don Alexander be elected Vice Chair of Area Committee 1;

3. That Fraser Bridgeford be elected as informal resident Chair of Area Committee1.




Apologies for Absence pdf icon PDF 97 KB


Received from Councillor Abraham.


Terms of Reference.

To note the Terms of Reference as approved at Full Council on 20 March 2018.


The Terms of Reference (Recommendation 1), as approved by Council on 20 March 2018, were noted.



Declarations of Interest

To note any interests relevant to the consideration of items on the agenda.

Please note that any declarations of interest made at the meeting which are not on the register of interests should be notified to the Monitoring Officer for inclusion.



None declared.



Public Forum Statements

Members of the public may make a written statement. Please submit it to or Democratic Services Section, City Hall, College Green, Bristol BS1 5UY.  The following requirement applies:


·       The statement is received no later than 12.00 noon on the working day before the meetingand is about a matter which is the responsibility of the committee concerned. For this meeting, the deadline date is Tuesday 2 October 2018.



The Committee heard from two submitters in attendance. The statements were placed on record and can be accessed via




Decision Making report on proposals for CIL and S106 funding. pdf icon PDF 336 KB

The report recommends noting of the Terms of Reference for AC1, & funding decisions on submitted Proposals for CIL and S106 funding.

Additional documents:


6. Recommendation 2 - The Committee noted the projects invited to submit Stage 2 full proposals and those not invited or able to proceed.


7. Recommendation 3 – The Committee noted the CIL and Section 106 monies available at 31 July 2018 and the option of pre-committing future CIL receipts to support the proposals in this paper.


6. Recommendation 4 - Proposed decisions for councillors.


The Committee first discussed and expressed some concern that highway officers were informing members what schemes could not be progressed. It was noted that one particular long-standing scheme for a central refuge outside a school had been taken off the list and the cost doubled. The Committee heard that there had been a misunderstanding on the progression of schemes and a meeting would soon be held with highway officers to rectify the situation. The Community Resources Manager reported that there were sufficient funds to progress all the committed list of schemes and that it was possible to pre-commit CIL. He also reported that decisions were not binding after elections. It emerged through discussion that there was a need to develop a mechanism whereby feasibility studies could be funded and this should be explored with highways and parks officers. The Chair, in summary, would take up the issue of improved delivery of minor highway schemes with Chairs across all the AC’s.


A member of the public queried the accuracy of some of the CIL allocations set out in the CIL July 2018 Appendix: in particular, that a previous allocation of £25,000 of CIL towards the restoration of Brunel Swivel Bridge Project wasn’t recorded; and that the Avon Crescent Rerouting scheme allocation of £50,000 of CIL was now not possible to spend as the project had been abandoned.


Actions –

 1. The Community Resources Manager to investigate the Brunel Swing Bridge allocation and explore the ‘unmaking’ of the Avon Crescent CIL allocation to produce an accurate account of the CIL monies available to fund AC1 projects going forward’.



The Committee received a report on proposed decisions for the awarding of local CIL and S106 and considered in turn the projects which had been invited to submit Stage 2 Full Proposals and had regard to the Recommendations set out against each project. The Community Resources Manager reported that the Redland club community centre project was not coming forward for consideration as their lease from BCC housing was not currently secure beyond 2019.


1. Project - Match funding for MUGA/Park renovation Beachley Walk (Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston Ward)

Delivery Group - BCC Parks with SCAF.

Full Proposal amount requested - £50,000


The Committee had regard to the recommendation as set out in the report and discussed the merits of the project and were supportive. The issue of the fencing was particularly discussed. The funding of the project was moved and seconded and on being put to the vote, it was:-


Resolved – (Unanimously) to approve funding of £50,000 CIL to deliver the project subject to the following conditions:-  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.