Agenda and minutes

AGM, Greater Bedminster Community Partnership
Monday, 27th June, 2016 7.00 pm

We advise to view meetings via the webcast if possible, rather than in person. Revised arrangements may apply.

Venue: Bristol International Bowls Centre, South Liberty Lane, Ashton Vale, Bristol, BS3 2TY

Contact: Samantha Mahony 

No. Item


Welcome, apologies and introductions


Everyone was welcomed to the meeting and invited to introduce themselves.

Apologies were received from Councillors Bolton and Bradshaw and from Ben Barker.


Declarations of interest

To note any declarations of interest from the councillors.  They are asked to indicate the relevant agenda item, the nature of the interest and in particular whether it is a disclosable pecuniary interest.


Any declaration of interest made at the meeting which is not on the register of interests should be notified to the Monitoring Officer for inclusion.



There were no declarations of interest from the Councillors, aside from community involvement as part of their roles.


Public forum and public resolutions

To consider any public forum statements or public resolutions submitted.


The deadline for receipt of statements or resolutions is 12 noon on Friday 24 June 2016.  These should be emailed to



Councillor Clarke reported concerns from a number of residents about the impact of the result of the EU referendum.  Some residents were worried, felt rejected by their neighbours and there was concern about the increased incidents of hate crime.


Police representatives confirmed that all incidences of hate crime that were reported had their full attention and a positive approach.  Inspector Crane agreed to contact the Police Corporate Communications department to highlight the need for a reassuring message to be purveyed.


It was suggested that the GBCP release a statement expressing that everyone was welcome within the community and the value of the whole community was recognised.  No political point would be made and no alarmist language would be included.


It was agreed that a message would be released and everyone was encouraged to share the statement by any communication methods, including through social media, Neighbourhood Watch groups and mailing lists. ACTION: Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator and Cllr Clarke to draft, circulate and release statement


Community safety update pdf icon PDF 223 KB

To be presented by Caroline Crane.


The written report was presented to the Community Partnership by Caroline Crane and Paul Singfield who highlighting particular elements to note.  In response the following points were raised:


-          Vehicle crime in the area was a particular issue as the majority of parking was on street with a dense population of vehicles.  Crime prevention leaflets advising on removing possessions from plain sight were regularly distributed by officers.

-          There were a high number of non-dwelling burglaries where bikes had been targeted.  Individuals had been apprehended and prevention work continued to take place within the community.

-          Anti-Social Behaviour had decreased massively over the last few years due to targeted response.

-          The increase in incidents of violence against the person could be due to a change in the method of recording incidents and crimes.


The Neighbourhood Partnership AGREED that the report was noted


Annual General Meeting business report, Business activities report and end of year financial statement pdf icon PDF 157 KB

To be presented by Andrew McLean and Helen Moody.

Additional documents:


At the start of the meeting it was AGREED that Stef Brammar be elected Chair of the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership and Board.


It was then AGREED that Councillor Phipps be elected Chair of the Greater Bedminster Neighbourhood Committee and Vice Chair of the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership.

It was noted that Stef sent her apologies for the September meeting of the Partnership and that Councillor Phipps would Chair that meeting.


The Neighbourhood Partnership AGREED


1) to confirm the Neighbourhood Partnership Membership as

Alan Baker – Friends of Ashton Gate Station

Ben Barker – Dame Emily Park Project

Stef Brammar – Way Out West

Donald Branch – Caraboo Community BS3

Julie Chapman – Ashton Vale Club for Young People/ Young Bristol

Ricky Dowden – Ashton Vale Together

Naomi Fuller/ Alice Ferguson – Playing Out

Simon Hankins – Southville Community Development Association

Mike McBethSouthville Running Club

Alan Pratley – Greater Bedminster Older People’s Forum

Kris Tavender – Bristol Sport

Councillor Charlie Bolton

Councillor Mark Bradshaw

Councillor Stephen Clarke

Councillor Celia Phipps


2) To note and confirm the Terms of Reference, Financial Operating Framework and Code of Conduct


3) To note the devolved Neighbourhood Budget

The Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator confirmed that the process for Community Chest had already commenced as per previous years.  It was suggested that at their first meeting, the new Board review and consider traffic scheme funds already ringfenced with a view to whether the highways schemes selected were still relevant and viable (if work had not already commenced).  Transport officers were also reviewing those agreements and would report back on money committed to date.


4) The meeting schedule including sub groups and forums was noted.


5) The financial statement and expenditure from 2015-16 was noted.

Appendices within the report outlined the financial statement for the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership Board and Greater Bedminster Community Partnership. 


The Business Activities Report was then considered as outlined within Appendix E.


The Neighbourhood Committee RESOLVED

1) The Community Grants and devolved Clean and Green budgets were devolved to City Council Officers.


2) The Community Chest applications recommended by the Appraisal Panel on the 8th June were subsequently RESOLVED as;



Purpose of Application

Amount Requested


Bedminster Town Team

Make Sunday Special



Bedminster Winter Lanterns

Bedminster Winter Lanterns Parade 2016



Bristol Book Swap

Promote literacy and reading



Life Cycle UK

Silver Cyclists – friendly relaxed bicycle rides for over 55s



South Bristol Toy Library

Increasing access to quality play resources, to promote development through play with weekly swap and play sessions



Southville Community Development Association

BS3 Tea Dances and Intergenerational Bowls activity



Southville Community Development Association

Outdoor activities for children and young people



Way Out West

West Street Stories – the booklet



Windmill Hill City Farm

The Human Sundial to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the farm








3) The position of the Mobility and Transport Sub Group  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


GBCP Board Elections pdf icon PDF 144 KB

To be presented by Andrew McLean.


The nominations for the GBCP Board were agreed as outlined in the preceding item.


The elected officers were agreed as

Chair:                                 Stef Brammar

Vice-chair:                         vacant

Secretary:                         vacant

Treasurer:                         Ben Barker

Assistant Treasurer:         Mike McBeth


The roles for officers and role descriptions would be re-circulated to invite further nominations/volunteers. ACTION: Ben Barker


Helen Moody was thanked for her work as Treasurer during the previous year.


GBCP updates pdf icon PDF 82 KB

To receive the town team update, and other general updates.


The following updates were noted:


 ‘Let’s Walk Bedminster’ had developed further with ‘Let’s Clean Bedminster’ which planned to link with other groups across the City.  The group would be considering how to tackle why people left rubbish in the first place and how to publicise disposal of rubbish.  A funding request had been submitted for stickers for bins and other action.  An update would be circulated by the Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator (ACTION). 


The Environment Sub Group held regular meetings every month considering applications for S106 funds in order to make recommendations to the board.  The Sub Group were reviewing all the green spaces within Bedminster thinking ahead to future S106 spending and how green spaces could be improved.  Future meetings would discuss the potential toxicity of weedkiller used on the streets, air quality and street trees.


Greater Bedminster Community Partnership plan pdf icon PDF 198 KB

To be presented by Andrew Mclean.


The Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator reported that all Neighbourhood and Community Partnerships had developed and updated their priorities for the area within the Neighbourhood Plan.  The current thematic plan was presented it was noted that each meeting would include an item to look at and progress the Plan in terms of actions and monitors by use of a red/amber/green system.


It was reported that the new Mayor would like to proceed with a Scrutiny Inquiry Day to consider devolved decision making which would consider models for Neighbourhood Partnerships in other areas of the country.


There was concern about the breadth of the Plan and the scope for real progress given already reduced capacity.  Although the document was useful, there needed to be conscious review and progression of actions for it to be successful.  Communication was also highlighted as an area which needed improvement.




Section 106 and CIL report pdf icon PDF 200 KB

To be presented by Andrew McLean.

Additional documents:


As agreed at the March meeting of the GBCP, The Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator reported that £20,000 - £30,000 had been set aside for a grant process for immediate priorities within local parks and open spaces.  A number of groups had applied to carry out specific improvements.


The Neighbourhood Committee was asked to approve the recommendations of the Environment Sub Group.


It was reiterated that the funds in question would be from ‘unallocated’ items.  The Environment Sub Group would be asked to consider the remainder of the funds and develop the process for allocation (bearing in mind the issues of capacity within a shrinking Council) alongside their review of green spaces as mentioned under the Community Updates item above.


The Neighbourhood Committee AGREED to allocate the funds as recommended as;


Park/ Open Space



Gores Marsh Park

Accessible play equipment – specifically a special Kidabout roundabout.


Windmill Hill City Farm

Replacement of the wooden fence with a metal palisade fence (matched to other fencing at the farm) to improve safety and security at the site.

£7,680 (estimated – up to date quote awaited)

South Street Park

Seating for ACTA garden.

2 bins (1 for ACTA garden, 1 for children’s play are)

Railway sleeper bench for Bark Park

Base for sleeper bench installed by Parks dept.

Older Children’s play equipment






It was clarified that the CIL funds (currently £68,000) were allocated for use on the physical environment of an area, whereas some S106 funds were restricted specifically to parks and open spaces.  It was suggested that a ‘spending limit’ was attributed to any process, rather than a ‘target’.  The Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator agreed to formulate and circulate proposals to start the process, and then report to the next meeting regarding progress ACTION: Andrew McLean.  The item would be added to the agenda for September, along with discussions regarding the three year plan for transport allocations (as discussed during item 7 above)


Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 105 KB

To agree the minutes of the previous meeting held on 10 March 2016 as a correct record.


The minutes of the meeting of the 10th March 2016 were considered.


It was noted that Alan Pratley was a member representing Greater Bedminster Older People’s Forum.


An update was provided regarding Ashton Gate Play Area.  BCC officers were waiting for a response from the football club secretary to continue discussions regarding access.  If the proposed site was not an option that could be progressed, smaller elements of equipment could be added to parks around the area.


It was confirmed, with reference to the previous item, that officers had reiterated that S106 that money had not been specified for the £30,000 allocation from any particular development.


With reference to the Robinson Building, officers awaited a response from developers regarding bike storage proposals.



Any other business


Feedback was invited regarding the Good Garden Awards this year.  Please visit to let them know your thoughts.  The money raised would be awarded as small grants.