Agenda item

17/04057/F 171 - 178 Coronation Road


The representative of the Service Director – Planning made the following points by way of introduction:-


a.     The application was for the conversion of the ground floor office space at 171-178 Coronation Road from B1 office use to A1 retail.  The applicant advised that the Co-op had expressed interest in occupying the unit.

b.     The proposal had generated a number of objections from local residents and those living in the upper floors of the building based on the possibility of noise and disturbance from the operation of a retail outlet and those relating to traffic on the highway.

c.      The applicant had explored the possibility of occupation of the unit by a B1 office occupier  but the lack of parking had resulted in little interest. 

d.     Negotiations had taken place and conditions proposed to accommodate the change of use and concerns arising from the use of the unit for retail.  Conditions included a Delivery Management Plan to cover delivery and loading time.  Adjustments to the highway was also included to accommodate delivery vehicles.

e.     Approval is recommended subject to conditions and the completion of a legal agreement for the Traffic Regulation Order.

Councillor’s points of clarification

f.       Cllr Eddy requested and was advised that the application was within marketing guidelines permitting an application for change of use after 6 months,

g.     Cllr Davies sought clarity on the loading times amendment.  The proposal was for 2 x 3hr slots for loading between 7am and 8pm.  The loading bay would be kept clear for this purpose during that time period.

h.     Chair enquired about use of loading trolleys and clarification on conditions.  Condition 14 had  a number of modifications detailed on the amendment sheet including limited use of trolleys Monday to Saturday not between 7-8am and on a Sunday not between 7-10am.

i.       The loading bay outside the unit would be available for parking from 8pm.

j.       Cllr Mead  asked what mitigation would be employed to manage cars being parked irresponsibly impacting this main artery road into and out of Bristol.  Officers confirmed that there were pre-existing parking controls in place to manage the highway which were enforceable.

k.      Cllr Denyer explained her concerns with the actions of the developer and sought clarity on the impact of the loading bay on both the residents and an already congested highway. 

·        The application was concerned with a floor space that was below the threshold that would push it to major development requiring specific actions.

·        The loading bay outside the loading time(as above) is accessible for parking therefore would keep cars off the highway.  The existing traffic regulation orders that manage Coronation Road remain in force.

·        Any complaints about a breach of the Delivery Management Plan conditions would result in an investigation and situation could be monitored through the issuing of a planning contravention notice.  The notice is a request for information; would give rise to monitoring of the situation; with the possibility of prosecution on failure to provide accurate information.

Councillor’s comments

l.       Cllr Breckels viewed the space and design as one for retail because of the large area at the front given over for window space.  Concerned that if refused, on appeal it would be granted.  The conditions imposed would go some way to mitigation the issues raised by public forum.

m.    Cllr Mead acknowledged the efforts made by the retail industry to adhere to delivery management plans and that conditions had been imposed to mitigate issues so it would be difficult to vote against.

n.     Cllr Eddy considered the negative impact on the highway and local residents and was minded to vote against.

o.     Cllr Davies shared that he had been employed in the retail trade and was aware that goods deemed to have a short shelf life were delivered before 6am; that most customers would walk to the store; that the new store would result in employment for local residents.

p.     Chair enquired about the options of discussing additional conditions with the retailer to reduce delivery times and better manage impact during rush hour.

·        The amendment sheet combined condition no.4&12 in respect delivery and an option to add to the delivery plan restrictions to delivery during peak rush hour period.


Resolved – (7 for, 2 against) that planning permission be granted subject to the conditions set out in the amendment sheet and;

       i.          An amendment to Conditions 4 & 12 that are combined, the delivery management plan to direct that deliveries to the unit should avoid peak rush hour period.


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