Agenda item

16/05680/F and 16/05681/LA - (Land To The East Of) Colston Street - Alterations to boundary wall, new access, development of sui-generis residential units for students ( 2 no. 5-bed cluster flats), with associated refuse and cycle storage


Officers introduced the report and outlined the following key issues in relation to this application:


a.      The application relates the construction of a two storey building, to provide 2 residential units for students.  The construction would be on the garden land formerly part of the Foster’s Alms-house estate, renamed Three Kings Court when the property was converted to private residential apartments.

b.      The application has been referred to Committee by Councillor Smith.

c.      Committee received a full presentation on the report provided including plans and details of the conservation area impact.

d.      Officers recommended approval of the scheme.

Officer’s responded to Councillors question as follows:

e.      Clarity was sought on the access to the site for emergency vehicles and to the Western Power (WP) sub-station.  The report detailed at page 61 the consultation with WP and the actions to be taken by the developer.

f.       Further explanation was sought on what the public benefit would be from the development.  Officers advised that the disused land would be brought back into use; the scheme was of a high quality with high quality materials; that it would enhance the site; that the site was secluded and was appropriate for a modern design.


The Following was noted from the discussion that followed;


g.      Cllr Wright referenced the conservation section of the report and commented that it was not for them to give direction on setting of precedent.  Concerned that the conservation area needs were being ignored.

h.      Cllr Davies noted the care put into the planning application; the unique modern design; the CIL monies that would be generated; was minded to vote in favour.

i.       Cllr Mead quoted from the Conservation Act; stated the development did not enforce local distinctiveness; that he was not opposed to modern designs in a conservation area but that design should add to the area; saw no public benefit having a student accommodation in that locality; minded to vote against.

j.       Cllr Clarke stated that the land was neglected; it needed to be brought back into use; that students were welcome in the City; that the design was divorced from its context; that altering the plan design to allow for the increase in the height of the boundary wall would allay some concerns.

k.      Chair viewed the design unacceptable next to a classic building and would be voting against.

l.       Cllr Mead moved that the committee voted against granting on the grounds that the design was out of character in an conservation area; that its contemporary design using contemporary materials not sympathetic to conservative area.

It was moved Cllr Olly Mead and seconded by Cllr Mark Wright and upon being put to the vote Officers recommendation for approval it was;

RESOLVED: (2 for and 7 against)  that the application be refused on the grounds;

The application proposal would by virtue of its angular form, flat roof design and modern character, appearance, detailing and materials result in an unsympathetic form of development that would overall, fail to preserve the Grade II* Foster's Almshouses or its setting, which is not outweighed by any other public benefits arising from the proposal. This is therefore contrary to Section 16 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990; S12 of the NPPF, policy BCS22 of the Core Strategy (2011) and DM31 of Site Allocations and Development Management (2014).


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