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Planning Application Number 17/05939/F - Former First Bus Depot, Muller Road


(a) Planning Application Number 17/05939/F - Former First Bus Depot, Muller Road


The representative of the Service Manager (Development Management) made the following points in relation to this application:


(1)   The site was shown from a range of different perspectives and its proposed layout and design was indicated

(2)   There were licensing issues on site which affected the ability to market it. However, marketing information submitted by land agents state that the site is not attractive for industrial and warehousing

(3)   As the site was outside of a designated centre, it was subject to a Retail Impact Assessment, which concluded that there would be no adverse retail impact on the viability of defined centres of Gloucester Road and Lockleaze

(4)   Highways works – access arrangements to the site would be changed as well as signalisation at the Ralph Road junction, there would be contributions made for public rights of way improvements, bus shelter improvements and traffic signals/Traffic Regulation Orders. In addition, a travel plan had been agreed

(5)   Air quality - Scheme of mitigation is required to reduce the impact. The mitigation proposed to date refers to other documents and measures already secured e.g. sustainable transport. Additional measures are required, which could include additional measures to minimise the impact such as electric vehicle charging points, additional cycle parking, public transport incentives

(6)   ) The loss of 21 low value trees on site would be met through the provision of 10 replacement trees on site with a financial contribution for the remaining 44 trees to be provided in accordance with the BRS and this will be secured by a Section 106 agreement


The Committee noted that officers were proposing an amendment to part (A) of the recommendation to give the updated total amount for the contribution for replacement trees as follows:


(viii) £36,222.03 – Contribution for replacement trees in accordance with the Bristol Tree Replacement Standard.


In addition, it was noted that there was a proposed additional condition relating to air quality.


 In response to Councillors’ questions, officers made the following points:


(7)   Conditions were included to address air quality issues – a scheme of mitigation and for construction impacts

(8)   ALDI’s consent was already factored in to the retail impact assessment for the site

(9)   ) In accordance with Policy DM13, non-industrial use is not permitted unless there is no demand for the site for industry or warehousing; or the proposal would not prejudice the function or viability of the rest of the Principal Industrial and Warehousing Area. The site is not currently being put forward for industrial use in the Local Plan Review, although it was noted that was still in the early stages of the consultation process. Officers were also aware that the Council as landowner were looking to do a “land swap” in order to deliver housing on the neighbouring site (where Lidl already had permission) although members should not attach too much weight to this

(10)                       Following the full approval of the 2014 application, a legal agreement for this application would extinguish Lidl’s existing planning permission for a supermarket on the adjacent Brunel Ford Car showroom site (application ref: 14/05539/F). This would avoid having 2 LIDL supermarkets next door to each other. In relation to possible over trading, an assessment of demand was made which would not impact on the viability of defined centres

(11)                       The adopted policy for this site and the neighbouring site did not support a non-industrial warehouse on the site, rather its function as Principal Industrial and Warehousing Area.

(12)                       Transport Plan – officers would not accept growth in this area without an effective and comprehensive transport plan. This was happening and the applicant was playing a key part in this through the transport proposals and contributions proposed in this application.


Councillors made the following points:


(13)                       This was a good scheme which should be supported and the strengthened conditions for it were welcomed

(14)                       It was good to see progress on air quality and the retail impact assessment. The site had been derelict for eight years and it would help the local economy to support it since local people would be able to travel to it on foot

(15)                       The mitigation for the site was well thought through. It would provide a local retail impact on the area and jobs in Lockleaze

(16)                       The improvements concerning air quality should dramatically improve it and should be supported.


Councillor Olly Mead moved, Councillor Richard Eddy seconded and, upon being put to the vote, it was


Resolved: (11 for, 0 against) – that the application be approved as per the officer recommendation including the additional recommendation (viii) as proposed in the amendment sheet and a proposed additional condition relating to air quality.


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