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Resources Quarterly Performance Progress Report


The Performance Improvement Officer introduced the report to Members.

  • Members commented and officers agreed that there were rather a lot of indicators but said they are currently looking to reduce that number.
  • It was reported that 62% of indicators are below target and that 37% are above target.  This it was stated was a similar position to the previous year.
  • Agency spend as a % of total salary bill; it was confirmed that 20% of the Resources 8.4 % figure was for additional Legal Service officers and it was expected that this figure would reduce now. It was confirmed that this was for skilled agency workers in Legal Services for specific tasks that have now been completed (and not temporary unskilled work). 
  • It was asked if that figure included ‘interims’.  It was confirmed it did yes.  It was stated however that the 5% corporate target had originally been very ambitious.
  • Members asked which indicators were likely to keep Officers awake at night; the reply was the % of council tax collected.
  • The Performance Improvement Officer said that she could bring what she considers to be the most significant indicators to the next meeting.
  • There was a short discussion about whether some of the information presented was ‘disaggregated data’ i.e. cross-cutting or directorate based information.  It was said that it would be made clear in future what the source of the information was and how it was calculated ACTION: Officers agreed to make it clear whether the information presented to members is directorate based or cross-cutting in future.
  • A short discussion ensued about the Legal and Democratic Services section of the report.  Members enquired specifically about Legal Service’s spend on external barristers.  Officers stated that the actual spending is being closely monitored, has been reduced and that external legal advice was only being sought when required.  ACTION:The Chair requested a representative of Legal Services attend the next meeting. 
  • It was asked if the council still operates an internal / external charging system.  Yes was the response; there is a case management system that charges across the departments.
  • Members asked why the ‘Collection of Debt’ figures were not higher.  Officers said that overall the figure was improving but some particular times of the year were better than others for this for various reasons.
  • “Reduce the average number of working days lost to sickness (BCC)”; current Quarter 1 figure stands at 9.25 days.  Members asked if it was known how much of this was long-term illness and whether this figure is a good way to measure overall staff morale.  Officers said they weren’t convinced that this was a good way to measure staff morale but that they were doing work on getting on top of this situation.  It was reported that the HR Committee are also currently looking into this.  It was said that there is currently a lot of performance information on this subject and the performance team had been asked to produce an internal one-page report on this.
  • Members were divided in their views about being presented with a smaller set of indicators in future.  Some advocated that it was important all the information was in the public domain.  The Executive Director of Resources suggested that Members receive both i.e. provide all of the information but also include a prioritised set of indicators that sit in front of this. ACTION: Officers to provide both the full set of indicators and the shortened prioritised set at the next opportunity.
  • Given the level of interest the Commission has in workforce matters it was suggested that they ask the HR Committee to provide a report / update on ‘workforce’ at the end of the year. ACTION: Councillors Clarke and Stevens said they would approach the HR Committee about this



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