Agenda item

Performance management & career progression - presentation


The Committee received a presentation about proposals to replace the existing performance management system and develop a performance management culture.


The Committee was advised that -


1.     The licence for the current performance management system was  due to end on 31st March 2019;

2.     There were a number of off-line and different performance processes used;

3.     The current system provided limited means to evaluate the quality of individual performance management or to use the outputs in a meaningful way;

4.     The current system was limited regarding the extent to which employees were being held accountable for achieving against objectives and equally there were limited consequences, positive and/or negative, for individuals from the outputs of the process;

5.     While some services had developed good practice in the use of the system, it was inconsistently applied across services.


The proposed new system would –


1.     Integrate part of the new HR and Payroll system with a single sign-on;

2.     Capture feedback on how reviewees demonstrated the values and where appropriate, leadership standards;

3.     Give real-time reporting of where each individual was in the review process;

4.     Produce progress reports for managers, teams, directorates and the organisation as a whole;

5.     Alert reviewees and reviewers to help complete the process on time;

6.     Provide a functionality that would allow individuals and managers to collect evidence throughout the year and update their progress;

7.     Use tools and features that analysed the data collected during the review;

8.     Give flexibility to set joint objectives for a team.


It was noted that the process had been designed by staff led user groups from across the Council.


The presentation also outlined other steps being taken to develop a strong performance culture and ensure all colleagues had access to a quality conversation about their objectives, performance and development needs.

These include:

·       Corporate Leadership Board are leading the implementation

·       User groups from across the organisation have been at the centre of the design of the new system and process

·       There is a comprehensive communications and training plan to support colleagues and managers with the process, helping them to have good quality, effective conversations

·       The new system will be integral to day to day management

·       There will be real-time management information to report on compliance levels

·       It will be a key performance requirement for all managers to complete reviews in their service area

·       The review process also includes discussions on learning and development needs for personal development plans

·       The annual employee engagement survey will measure the quality of the reviews

In response to questions and arising from discussion the following key points were made –

1.     Performance would be measured using a combination of numerical and narrative based analysis;

2.     Training and coaching for the new system had been integrated into the Leadership  Development  Programme;

3.     Confidence for the success of the new system was high as it had received clear support from the Corporate Leadership Board and had the real benefit of user group input;

4.     Good quality performance reviews should improve morale and this would be monitored through staff surveys;

5.     It was essential that the new system was kept under proactive review to ensure it met its objectives of significantly improving interactions between Managers and their respective teams;

6.     It was envisaged that the performance of Managers would also be evaluated on a 360 degrees basis so that staff could comment on how they are being managed, it was confirmed that a pilot user group were currently working on this component of the system. It was noted that the Mayor was responsible for the appraisal of the post of Executive Director of Resources and Head of Paid Services;

7.     Performance Management would be linked to Key Performance Indicators and include the golden thread from Corporate Strategy, Service Plans and individual objectives ;

8.     Members would be able to see  the new system at the next Committee meeting;

9.     Real time monitoring was a function to ensure compliance with use of the system and would not be intrusive on the content of the reviews.

Resolved – that progress to date be noted and that a report and demo  of the new performance system be reported to the next Human Resources Committee.