Agenda item

To seek consideration of an application for the grant of a PHD Licence - MS


MS was in attendance.


The Chair explained the procedure that would be followed and everyone introduced themselves.


The Licensing Officer introduced the report and summarised it for everyone.


·         The applicant sought exemption in his application from completing the fit and proper requirements, as outlined in the report.

·         Members were reminded of the reasons for the 5 part assessment.

·         Members noted that committee had departed from the requirement for Gold Standard Course and Knowledge test only after being presented with good reasons to do so but not the other aspects of the test.

·         Officers recommended refusal of the application.


The following was noted from MS representation to committee:


·         MS explained that he was due to retire from the Police force within the next 5 years.  In anticipation he worked as a private hire Chauffeur, taking clients to Heathrow Airport, on his days off.

·         MS had no intention to work as a private hire taxi driver as he was looking to do more exclusive and select work.

·         MS confirmed that as a serving police officer he had been vetted to the highest level to allow him to work undercover.

·         MS police medical had revealed nothing of interest.  That he drove to the highest police professional standards required.

·         That as he was intending to work outside Bristol, to and from Heathrow Airport, the Knowledge Test based on Bristol locality would not be of benefit to him.

·         Members enquired about the vetting process and whether MS had any documents to prove his identity and training received in the course of his employment.

·         MS produced his warrant card.  The licensing officer inspected same to confirm his status as a serving police officer.

·         MS did not have any documents with him to confirm the driver refresher course under taken in September 2018 and training to enable him to engage in car pursuits.


MS left the room to enable Committee to make a decision.


Members considered very carefully all of the written and verbal evidence presented to them.


Members considered their policy; sought clarity on whether there were any circumstances under which the requirement for a DBS check and DVLA check could be waived; MS had not produce any medical evidence;  Members were reminded that the Gold Standard included training on how to manage the elderly and disabled person in addition to have to deal with general public;  Members considered whether in his presentation he demonstrated that he had knowledge of dealing with the general public;  Members then deliberated on the request to be exempt from the Knowledge test; MS did not produce a letter from the company to confirm the type of work that he would be engaged in therefore considered whether is representation satisfied them.


Members accepted that MS would be engaged as an executive chauffeur and resolved (unanimously) that MS would be exempt from the requirement to sit the Gold Standard Course and knowledge test but MS would be required to submit to the Group 2 Medical, DBS and DVLA requirements.


MS returned to the room to hear the decision.