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Wider Work of the Partnership

·       Recruitment and Retention –

o   Wellbeing

o   BME Recruitment

·       Bristol WORKS

·       Bristol Education Partnership

·       Learning City Festival


Wider work of the Partnership


Thomas Jarvis provided an update on Retention:


The Recruitment and Retention (R&R) Group was set up to increase the number of people entering and remaining in the teaching profession in Bristol. The group was commission by the now disbanded Learning in Education Challenge Group. Membership is drawn from across a range of partners including Bristol City Council, Bristol teaching schools, UWE, University of Bristol and City of Bristol College. The group has agreed to focus on the mental wellbeing of teachers and school leaders through the delivery of Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT) based interventions in partnership with Bristol City Councils Educational Psychology service. £30,000 of funding has been ring fenced for the work of the R&R Group.


a.      The Well-Being workshop is set for the 13th June 2019 at the Harbour Hotel.  There are 200 delegate spaces; During September/October 2020 the project will commission a train the trainer practitioner event with the intention to train a cohort of 40; that they would be responsible for cascading the learning throughout their individual schools.


BAME Teach Diverse ‘Increasing BAME Participation in The Teaching Profession Conference’


Marie-Annick Gournet was invited to address the Board on the outcome of the Conference on BAME recruitment into the teaching profession held on the 8th December at City Hall. (The presentation to be shared)

a.      The conference was pulled together in one month but was able to attract 107 attendees from across the BAME community.  Comments and statistic was shared to demonstrate the outcome of the conference that was well received by both attendees and participants.

b.      A positive outcome was the establishment of a BAME network to support those already in the education sector with a first meeting on the 22nd April 2019.

c.      Tom Sperlinger offered support to the network meetings and asked MAG to make contact.


Bristol WORKS


WORKS is a Bristol Learning City Partnership (LCP) project which aims to deliver on the partnership commitment to make quality work experience and apprenticeship opportunities available to every young person.


The LCP has created and funded Bristol WORKS to build an innovative education, business and community partnership that aims to raise the aspirations of young people and their parents/carers through the development of experience of work opportunities and clear post 16 pathways for all young people, particularly those who face the greatest challenges in relation to learning, skills and employment.

Jane Taylor(JT), Service Manager Employment & Skills was invited to address the Board.

a.      JT spoke to the report highlighting; that 2477 young people had experienced work and the project aspiration for the coming year was to raise this figure to 2500; That 4 additional schools had signed up to the scheme that now includes the Bristol Education Hospital Service; that they were looking to place students with special educational needs and was offering employers support to enable opportunities; information being collated to report to WECA on regional need.

b.      The ask of the Board was set out in the report.  The project is looking to the partnership to propose from their networks employers who would participate in the schemes year three project to include disability awareness training; a ask from the universities partners and college to offer a workshop to support the carers and curriculum agenda of the WORKS schools.


Bristol Education Partnership and

Learning City Festival


Thomas Jarvis to share via email due to lack of time.



Inclusion and Sustainable Economic Growth Strategy

Chris Hackett, was invited to address the partnership to share the strategy document; he spoke to the presentation, to be shared by Email.

The foreword in the strategy document summaries the intent as follows:

‘The strategy will be used to engage partners (including businesses, social enterprises, the third sector and community groups) across Bristol in development and delivery of the city’s ambitions to deliver inclusive and sustainable economic growth’

a.      The strategy’s planned aspiration; in the short term to 2020, medium term to 2028 and long term 2040; that an economy board is to be established to manage the governance of the strategy; the strategy properly expresses the need for  Bristol and is the document that WECA should reference to establish Bristol’s need within the region.

b.      The strategy is not about target setting but assess the situation as it is now and the current trajectory for the next 10 years taking the view that trends can be improved so that they are ahead of the percentage aspiration.

c.      A number of key themes of the strategy sit within the priority of the Board for example ‘People Centred’ and ‘Skills’;

·        Skills defined in the strategy as

                                                    i.     Develop and encourage a culture of life-long learning, ensuring that the people who live and work in Bristol are supported and encouraged to gain the skills they need to thrive in an inclusive economy.

·        People Centred defined in the strategy as

                                                    i.     Place people at the heart of investment; delivering education, employment and skills opportunities for all, promoting inclusive lifelong learning, health and wellbeing, generating opportunities for sustainable prosperity.

d.      The Board is asked to adopt the Strategy and the key priorities within its remit, to monitor & evaluate progress.