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Community Toilet Scheme


The Neighbourhoods Services Manager delivered a presentation (details are in the published pack).


There was a discussion surrounding how citizens are made aware of what toilets are part of the scheme and what times they are open; what gaps in provision across the city are known; and whether the availability is better than the provision before the closure of some public toilets.

Officer response:

o   Community Toilet Scheme has reached over 100 participants;

o   The toilets are sign-posted and mapped; it is now easier to understand where and when the toilets are available;

o   There are 9 wards without provision;

o   There are 20 venues which have expressed an interest and yet to be visited;

o   Gaps in provision are highlighted to Councillors in the monthly updates;

o   The team has one officer allocated one day a week to manage the scheme;

o   This is not re-badging what was there before; it is a different way of making toilet facilities available for citizens, and it is a better provision than before.



Chair stated that Ward Members have a responsibility to raise the profile of the scheme and help enable new participates.


Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for Communities stated she has written to Councillors about the scheme and the need to be proactive in their Wards; and commended the scheme co-ordinator Georgie Bryant’s work to date which has surpassed expectations.


It was confirmed that at this point there are no plans to reduce Officer resource for managing the scheme.

There was a discussion surrounding standards, and a Member asked how many participants have not achieved them. 

Officer response:

o   75% of toilets in the scheme should be accessible, and we have over 80% at this point

o   Accessible toilets are illustrated by symbols on the map


Chair stated that a steering group would be able to assist in the agreement and understanding of standards.


RESOLVED: It was agreed that a steering group to support the officer promote the scheme and visit premises is a good idea and it is recommended it should be looked into.


Chair asked how much input disabled groups have had into the scheme. 

Officer response:

o   We have liaised with disabled groups and the Bristol physical access chain (BPAC) has provided insight and comment;

o   There is an information directory for disabled people which includes information about accessible toilets;

o   The Changing Places website has been updated (which includes details of Changing Places facilities.


Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for Communities stated that the Community Toilet Scheme is highlighted nationally as an example of good practice.


ACTION: Officer will liaise with the City Office and One City Plan partners regarding how the CTS fits into the One City Plan and feed back to the Commission.


Chair referred to the response to the Public Forum question and it was agreed that it was encouraging.


Member stated that a responsibility to provide access to toilets for employees could be shared with partners such as First Bus and business owners on high streets and areas with a high volume of tourists including Clifton Village (where there is a lack of provision); and working in partnership could help with increasing provision. 

Member provided positive feedback from taxi drivers, who have said they appreciate availability.


RESOLVED: It is agreed the Commission feels that it is positive that progress has been and continues to be made.


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