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19/02090/F - Chalks Road Public Car Park Chalks Road Bristol BS5 9EP


An Amendment Sheet wasprovided to the Committeein advance of themeeting, detailing changes since thepublication of the original report.


The representative of the Head of Development Management made the following points by way of introduction:-


1. The conditions set out at page 88 of the report had now been replaced with the conditions set out in the Amendment Sheet. The Amendment Sheet also included comments from Transport Development Management;

2. No additional comments were received from Avon Fire Service. The applicant would have to adhere to building regulations in the usual way;

3. Trees would help to screen the development but it was a prominent building;

4. The development would comprise of two two bed dwellings either end with nine one bed dwellings in the middle above the car park which would remain a public car park;

5. The dwellings named Zed Pods had been displayed at the Bristol Housing Festival and were factory built housing units brought to site;

6. The City Design Group had recognised the experimental nature of this development and the need for imaginative ways to meet housing needs;

7. With conditions in place relating to the management of the site officers were satisfied that the park could operate as it currently did and access to Redfest would be maintained and therefore recommended approval subject to conditions.


The following points arose from discussion:-


1. Regarding overshadowing of neighbours, officers had visited the site and discounting the trees it was not felt that the impact was harmful to residences in Lyndale Road;

2. The Site Management Plan condition could include signage so that it was clear that the car park remained for public use;

3. The presence of Wardens on site was above and beyond what could be conditioned. The Site Management Plan would include ongoing upkeep of the site;

4. Officers had been assured that it was a car free scheme and as the development was a different way of providing housing it did not need to meet parking standards. The site was also in a sustainable location;

5. The car park would continue to be managed by the Council’s Parking Services and it would not allow parking from residents to colonise spaces;

6. It was noted that the car park was a 24 hour operation. It was not possible to curtail this use as this was beyond the scope of the application;

7. The Construction Management Plan could specifically refer to a Tree Management report and that access to Redfest to be maintained;

8. The pilot nature of the scheme did not set any precedent for future applications. The 30 year lease was separate from the planning process. The only time limit within the planning process was that construction commenced within 3 years of planning permission;

9. Air quality had not been assessed in detail for future residences as this was an unusual application meeting a need for emergency accommodation;

10. Concern was also expressed regarding overheating as if air quality was bad residents would not want to open their windows;

11.  Any complaints regarding the site would be directed to the Parking Services Manager;

12. The Head of Development Management suggested a condition be imposed requiring an update report come to Committee on the management of the site after 12 months occupation. This was supported;

13. Councillor Eddy acknowledged the importance of providing housing in the city and that this was an innovative good scheme which he wholeheartedly supported;

14. Councillor Don Alexander fully supported the proposal and moved that it be approved subject to conditions and in addition a condition regarding an update report on management of the site and tree management and access to Redfest being added to the Construction Management Condition and this was seconded and on being put to the vote, it was:-


Resolved (8 for, 0 against, 1 abstention) – That Planning Permission be granted subject to conditions as set out in the report, the Amendment Sheet and in addition:-


1. Condition 2 (Construction Management Plan) to also specifically refer to a Tree Management report and also details of how access to Redfest will be maintained.

2. That an additional condition be attached requiring the submission of a report on the management of the site after 12 months occupation and for this to be reported to a Committee;


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