Agenda item

Performance - Q3


The following points were made:


·         Reference to BCP280, Increase the % of people who contact Adult Social Care and then receive Tiers 1 & 2 services:

o   There was a long way to go; integrated community hubs were being developed.

o   This could be seen as a baseline to refer to until we begin to work together in integrated teams, which would show the added value of working in multi-disciplinary teams.

o   Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care stated that this was an ambitious target.



·         Reference to DPE005a, Increase the percentage of adults receiving direct payments:

o   Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care told the Commission that some Local Authorities have been more ambitious around direct payments.

o   SMEs to be on the list of approved providers; organisations needed support; there had been sessions with commissioners working with very small organisations with a view to be on the list for providers.


·         Reference to BCP263a, Reduce the % of young people of academic age 16 to 17 years who are NEET & destination unknown:

o   There was a need to investigate the data further.

o   The data included ‘destination unknown’ which was difficult to track.

o   The NEET and destination unknown was a national definition; it could be possible to disaggregate the data.


·         Reference to BCP212, Reduce the number of adolescents (aged 13-17) who need to enter care due to abuse or exploitation:

o   The figure was accumulative; there was a slight increase;

o   There had been an increase in unaccompanied young people.

o   BCC had less impact on outcomes with older children; more focus on  building resilience, keeping them in families.   

o   BCC had the third lowest rate of children in care in core cities; this was not the case three years ago.

o   Cabinet Member for Children and Young People said it was important we saw social care as part of a whole offer to young people, which included the children’s centres, parenting support, early years support;  strengthening whole family, to avoid the need to go into care; there was a focus on early intervention.

o   The Commission was advised that early intervention was key.



·         Reference to BCP222, Increase the take-up of free early educational entitlement by eligible 2 year olds:

o   This was positive; and a priority.


·         Reference to BCP253, Increase the number of attendances at BCC leisure centres and swimming pools:

o   Care leavers were able to access leisure centres free.

o   Concern about substantial drop in access.

o   We were trying to reacquaint people with what’s on offer; there was a need to be better at social media.

o   There was a new sport and leisure strategy.

o   Deputy Mayor, Communities (Public Health, Public Transport, Libraries, Parks), Events and Equalities, stated that the contract with the current provider was coming to an end; that there had been a review and it was sensible for centres to be managed by external providers; BCC would be specific about the offer to be delivered; and that one centre was temporarily closed for refurbishment which would have had an impact.





That that the Commission would be provided with an update regarding the data relating to NEET and destination unknown.


That the Commission recommends NEET should be on the 2020-21 work programme.


Briefing about the sport and leisure strategy, and the relationship with mental health and well-being to be provided by the Director of Public Health.




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