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Community Resources Manager Update and Decision Report


The Community Resources Manager introduced the report and drew attention to the following:


·       Members would receive an update by the end of August on progress on previously approved Section 106 (S106) and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) transport, parks and community projects;

·       A decision had been taken to pause 2020 CIL and S106 decisions with the exception of S106 monies specified for tree planting and replacement so works could start in the 20/21 planting season;

Councillors then provided the following updates on the projects they were aware of within their wards:


·       In relation to Hartcliffe and Withywood, Councillor Holland reported that the Creative Workspace toilets renovation and the BMX track in Wilmott Park had both been completed;

·       With reference to Bishopston, Councillor Eddy reported that tree planting in Uplands had taken place.  He requested an update regarding the allocation for Crox Bottom signage.  ;

·       In relation to Stockwood, Hengrove and Whitchurch Park, Councillor Morris reported that no money had been spent from CIL funds.  He requested updates regarding projects in Cottle Road Play Park, Mowberry Road and streetscene improvements at Stockwood shops;

·       With reference to Filwood ward, Councillor Jackson reported that benches had been installed in the park from the 2018/19 allocation, the Novers Park goal net covers had been installed.  Children’s play equipment was hoped for September;

The Community Resources Manager continued to present the report and drew attention to the following:


·       There was currently a CIL fund total of £160,440.11;

·       There was a total of £100,621.50 uncommitted Section 106 agreement monies of which £46,659.88 was specifically assigned to tree planting or replacement as outlined in the report to the meeting;

·       Members were asked to consider the proposed tree planting and replacement scheme using the £46,659.88 available plant 60 trees across the ward of Area Committee 6 and, if approved, to further consider if the residue of £747.28 should be added to the maintenance budget or keep in the existing S106 tree planting budget;

·       There were a further four planting locations proposed which were within the boundary of Area Committee 5 in Brislington West Ward;

·       It was clarified that S106 would continue to be negotiated individually with each new individual development and therefore could be set for any area within the whole Area Committee boundary which complies with the legal conditions within each S106.  On the other hand, CIL generated within the Hengrove and Whitchurch Neighbourhood Development Area was restricted.  Only if projects fit with their Neighbourhood Development Plan and they agreed to, could it be spent outside of their boundary.

In response to questions from Councillors, the Tree Bristol Officer clarified the following points:

·       Future proposals would include a map and the common, rather than Latin, names of the trees.

·       The four plots in the Area Committee 5 area had been chosen as locations when options within the relevant Area Committee 6 area had been exhausted.  They were very close to the boundary and those in the development would continue to benefit from the planting;

·       It was confirmed that the tree on Gillybank Close would be replaced.  It was policy to replace failed trees if they failed within two years.  If damage was an act of deliberate vandalism then a tree would only be replaced once;

·       There had been no S106 development awards that benefitted Filwood in this year’s allocation; however Filwood had benefitted in the previous year.  Trees would be planted in Filwood through other projects such as the One Tree per Child project;

·       The new Street Trees funding was for identified areas with low canopy cover and areas of social deprivation.  All the identified sites had been new plots;

·       Failed trees on Hartcliffe Way and along the new South Bristol Link Road through to Highridge had been planted by contractors and therefore BCC did not have responsibility for any works to replace them.  It was for Highways Officers to go to the contractors to put pressure on them to replace them, or negotiate alteration to the contract.

In relation to future meetings, the Community Resources Manager undertook to talk to Chairs of the 6 Area Committees with a view to considering a similar timetable to the one agreed in the previous year with Councillors engaging with communities about proposals prior to a decision in the autumn. It was agreed that if any Members had a view on the timescale they should contact the Chair directly.




(1)   the proposed updating of progress on previously-approved projects in the light of Covid-19 impacts be noted;

(2)   the decision to pause 2020 CIL and S106 decisions with the exception of S106 monies specified for tree planting and replacement be noted;

(3)   the CIL and S106 monies available at 30th June 2020 and the 2 S106 contributions which are at risk as outside their ‘committed by’ date be noted;

(4)   the funding for the S106 Tree Proposal submitted from the following S106 allocations be approved as follows, with the ‘residue’ of £747.28 approved to be added to the S106 tree maintenance fund:

Permission / Site / S106 Code

Current Contribution Value

£ requested

£ remaining

Date to be Spent / Committed by

Purpose of Contribution

15/04614 / Bowmead, 75 Hollway Road, Stockwood




13 Nov 24

The provision of tree planting to mitigate the loss of trees on the Application Land

18/04344 / 740 Wells Road, Hengrove




No Limit

The provision and maintenance of tree planting either on-street or in public open space within a one mile radius of 740 Wells Road










(5)   the legal information concerning the Public Sector Equality duty in reaching all its decisions be noted.


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