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Agenda item

Budget Monitoring Outturn report P9


Cabinet approved:

  1. The supplementary estimate submitted for People Directorate up to £7.2m under Appendix C, funded by drawdown from general reserve (£3.9m), earmarked reserve (ASC Earmarked Reserve £2.1m) and in-year efficiencies from other directorate and services.
  2. The acceptance of £1.021m grant funding from the National Leisure Recovery Fund (application and funding detailed under P8 report) and the incorporation of this grant into the 2020/21 Budget for spending according to the grant conditions.

Cabinet noted:

  1. Risks associated with the forecast outturn and the financial impact on the Council as a result of COVID19 pandemic.
  2. The Council’s COVID 19 Winter Grant Scheme Policy attached in Appendix D.
  3. A risk of non-COVID related overspend on General fund services, an overall forecast overspends of £5.7m for 20/21 at Period 9 (prior to applying supplementary estimates), representing 1.4% of the approved budget.
  4. Forecasts underspend of £3.2m with regard to the Housing Revenue Account.
  5. A forecast in-year deficit of £8.6m and a total £11.5m carried forward deficit in the ring-fenced Dedicated Schools Account (DSG).
  6. A forecast £23.4m underspend against the approved Capital Programme.


Supporting documents: