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Waste: Themes of a new strategy


The Waste Strategic Client Manager delivered the presentation on themes to be included in a future planned Waste Strategy for Bristol. Key points raised included:

·       Officers emphasised that reducing waste was a key mechanism for reducing carbon. Targets included the aim to reduce waste to below 150kg per person per year. This was a challenge in any circumstance, and the impact of Covid-19 had meant that residual waste increased.

·       A number of themes for the Waste Strategy were outlined. Priorities included improving civic pride within communities and improving enforcement powers by linking through different organisations (for example, Universities and student groups).

·       A key take-away for a future strategy was that a single approach would not be appropriate for all the needs across Bristol. A ‘village’ effect (which refers to a place-based workforce approach) was being explored.

·       A process diagram on fly tipping was provided.

Commission Members commented and raised questions regarding the report.

·       The Chair noted that the issue of waste management and the development of a strategy had been an area of interest for the Commission, with the possibility of an Inquiry Day previously raised, and agreed to send notes of Commission lead discussions to Officers for reference. Further consideration of a Waste Inquiry Day as part of future work programming was agreed.

·       Bristol performed well against core cities for recycling, and Officers believed this was due to the city making some difficult decisions at an early stage, including early introduction of fortnightly collections.

·       Members made a number of suggestions for future consideration, which Officers noted. These included:

o   a communication campaign around addressing dog waste mess.

o   laundry schemes for reusable nappies and consideration of nappy recycling.

o   joined up working between Waste and Parks departments to address waste clearance holistically.

o   joined up working between the Travel and Waste departments as part of Livable Neighbourhoods strategies to address collection on streets.

o   engaging with local groups and community involvement. The Chair was aware of some groups to draw to Officers’ attention.

·       It was noted that recycling was more difficult to extract from flats and high rise blocks. This was planned to be addressed through Planning mechanisms.

·       Members were aware of missed collections of food waste, which Officers encouraged residents to report.  A new reporting mechanism was introduced in October 2020 but it had been found that this was not user friendly. Officers were examining improvements for this.

·       Members queried the methodology for achieving targets, particularly around partnership working. Officers emphasised that this was key to any waste strategy.

·       Members suggested working with other local authorities to develop an infrastructure to address plastics disposal. Some conversations were taking place with Mayoral involvement although procurement of a consortium initiative would be likely to take some time.

·       Members suggested working with businesses to address packaging waste. It was anticipated that future initiatives from Central Government would have an impact on this area

·       Electronic waste was raised and confirmed that disposal would form part of the strategy.

·       Members queried the progress in eliminating plastic. Following the decision to undertake this work in 2020 a group action plan was created but progress stalled following Covid-19. There was a plan in place to continue this once there was capacity to do so.

RESOLVED; That notes of discussions held between the Commission leads would be sent to Officers for reference; and

That further consideration of a Waste Inquiry Day be raised as part of future work programming for the 2021/22 year; and

That Officers note the issues raised by Members for consideration as part of a new Waste Strategy.

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