Agenda item

P2 Finance Outturn Report 2021/22

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Cabinet noted:

  1. Risks associated with the forecast outturn and the long-term financial impact on the Council as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. The significant risks within service areas of non COVID-19 related overspend on General fund services, an overall forecast breakeven position for 21/22 at Period 2 and that it is expected that the risk of overspend will be managed through management actions / mitigations through the rest of the financial year.
  3. Forecasts underspend of £1.5m within the Housing Revenue Account.
  4. A forecast in-year deficit of £10.5m and a total £20.5m carried forward deficit in the ring fenced Dedicated Schools Account (DSG)
  5. A breakeven position on Public Health services.
  6. A forecast £46.3m underspend against the approved Capital Programme.


Supporting documents: