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Planning Application Number 20/05477/M - Romney House


Officers introduced this report and made the following comments:


·       As indicated in the Amendment Sheet, South Gloucestershire Council had raised no objection to this application

·       It was acknowledged that there would be an impact on neighbouring properties. Redrow Homes had initiated a discussion to screen the development from Stoke Park. Slides would be used throughout the site and would be governed by a condition. Officers were confident that a confident level of screening could be provided for the new housing

·       The appendix by the case officer had assessed the properties

·       An aerial photo was shown indicating the site. It was noted that a bus route

would go to the new housing

·       Officers believed that the principle to move forward to residential development on the site had been established and that the development was on balance acceptable overall


In response to members’ questions, officers made the following comments:


·       The evolution of the design of the scheme had resulted in the proposed housing being taller than expected. Officers’ view was that lowering the heights would not have an impact on amenity and would not significantly affect overshadowing, as indicated in the report. The supplementary planning documents had not affected officer’s view on this

·       Some of the mound left following the development would be redistributed. Once construction started on site, the level will be significantly different

·       Some of the old red brick properties would be an estimated 18.7 metres at the shortest distances. However, this was considered acceptable in the wider urban context and maximising the use of scarce urban land

·       Whilst the Committee could not redesign the scheme, they could require confirmation of the finished  floor levels of the dwellings built compared to the existing ground levels

·       The City Design Team had assessed that the quality of urban design was suitable and therefore complied with Policy BCS21

·       There would be a complimentary planting scheme of an additional 97 trees on site. The trees lost were shown in red hatching. Some of these would be lost due to drainage issues

·       It would not be reasonable to include a condition which set a specific amount of material that would need to be removed from the site

·       The way that properties were assigned was outside the planning regime but officers understood that developers would be discussing this with the Housing Association

·       30% of affordable housing was controlled by the Local Planning Authority. The remaining proposed 25% affordable housing was subject to discussions between Vistry and Gordon Homes which was the Council’s own housing body



Councillors made the following comments:


·       There were concerns from residents about these proposals. If they were approved, mitigation would need to be considered

·       The development was for housing under reserved matters, included exit and entry points, was in an urban setting and was a brownfield site. The proposal for 55% affordable housing was very good. Therefore, this application should be supported.

·       Whilst the concerns about the 2 storey height of the proposed housing was of concern, this development should be supported

·       The commitment for affordable housing was good. Consideration should be given to including a condition to require or a commitment to require lower buildings where possible


It was moved by Councillor Fabian Breckels, seconded by Ani Stafford-Townsend and upon being put to the vote, it was


RESOLVED (7 for, 0 against, 0 abstentions):


(1)         that the reserved matters application be approved

(2)         that the outstanding Section 106 agreement is amended to be attached to the outline planning permission 18/00703/P to include provision of £150,000 towards relevant transport mitigation measures

(3)         that delegated authority be secured to finalise the planning conditions to be attached to the decision notice

(4)         that conditions be included requiring confirmation of the finished  floor levels of the dwellings built compared to the existing ground levels particularly where the ground levels at the site appear to have been raised above their previous level






Supporting documents: