Agenda item

Tenant Participation Review and Board Member recruitment


Sarah Spicer (Business Innovation manager) & Lesha Wilson (Business Intelligence Manager) spoke to the presentation (a copy can be viewed uploaded online in the agenda pack) outlining the plans for the Resident Engagement Review.

a.       The reasons for the resident engagement review are many but key drivers addressing low resident satisfaction that they are listened to and have opportunities to get involved, and the need to build great services that meet residents need.

b.       The aim of the review was to ensure that all residents are encouraged to:

·       Be involved in the development of thriving communities

·       Participate in discussions to drive resident led improvements.

·       Provide feedback that enables us to cater the service to the needs of residents

c.       The review includes testing a service commitment to residents, working title, ‘ our promise to residents’: that is a seven part service delivery pledge.

d.       The review will engage in four ways with residents to improve access to services and engagement with residents across the city and communities.

e.       The pandemic restrictions allowed for new and innovative ways to engage with tenants when in-person events ceased.  Many more residents and a wider diverse cohort of tenants engaged via virtual meeting rooms.  The aspiration is to build on this to outcome, to support our aim to widen participation to include diverse groups and communities; to ensure a fair representation; strengthen the voice of tenants in the scrutiny process across all boards.

f.        The timeline for the project continues to April 2022 with the service able to identify by March 2022; (1) best practice (2) analyse and feedback results (3) consider options and recommendations made by the TPAS review.

Following was noted from the discussion that arose:

g.       Pete Daw thanked officers for the work done to move things forward; he asked to be involved in the TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service); confirmed that PD would be added to the tenant panel and reference groups.

h.       Cllr Paul Goggin shared past difficulties in raising a response to emails from the generic email address for estate management: Action: SS to investigate

i.         Cllr Tony Dyer enquired as to whether there were other ways in which to make contact with the service outside of the digital channels.   Officers advised that the existing channels would remain with alternative means being sought to enhance resident’s ability to make contact and liaise with officers.

j.         Zara Naylor confirmed that the list of estate officers presently uploaded online, was reviewed quarterly to keep up with changes within the service.

The Board agreed to note the report.


Board Member Recruitment

k.       The Board currently has two tenant representative vacancies.  The Board primary role is to allow the voice of the tenants and leaseholders to be heard and provide an opportunity for them to influence decision making.  It allows for sharing of information on all aspects of service provision with those who can influence the decision makers.

l.          A discussion followed on how to promote these vacancies to the widest possible audience with an emphasis on reaching the diverse tenant base.  Members were assured that those tenants who had participated in past events would be canvassed.  Members suggested that an approach should be made to Ward Members citywide, asking them to share the vacancy information with residents and contacts. Action: SS

The Board agreed this way forward.


Supporting documents: