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20/04125/F - The Old Dairy Durnford Street Bristol BS3 2AW

Full planning application for demolition of all existing buildings, erection of 40 No. C3 dwellinghouses and commercial floorspace with associated car parking, cycle parking, refuse storage and landscaping.



The Case Officer introduced the report, summarised it for everyone and gave a presentation.


The application is for full planning application for demolition of all existing buildings, erection of 40 No. C3 dwelling houses and commercial floorspace with associated car parking, cycle parking, refuse storage and landscaping.


The following answers were provided to questions:


  • The rear service yard is shared and provides access to surrounding properties; 2 houses have been approved as part of the brewery scheme; there are a mix of uses in the area
  • The Committee should focus on the reasons for deferral in January to satisfy itself that those have been addressed, however the scheme has not been approved so all issues can be taken into account
  • The height of the building was discussed in January, however it was not one of the reasons for deferral; it is an issue that the Committee should take into account
  • The yellow line is proposed on the advice of Traffic Development Management officers to allow the servicing of the commercial unit between specified hours without blocking the road; at other times the space is available for residential parking; the exact extent of the yellow line would be determined following the S278 Highways Agreement
  • There is an advice relating to precluding the scheme from any future resident parking scheme
  • Local management of the property will decide on the issue charging residents for the use of electric charging points and other issues relating to the electric charging points
  • No conditions from the previous report have been deliberately removed so Condition 48 (from the last report) should still be included; this issue will be clarified and resolved (It was established that the Waste Management Plan had been unintentionally missed off the list of conditions and it was recommended that this condition should be included if the scheme is approved.)NB. It has since been noted that the previous report had the Waste Management Plan condition added twice, hence removing this duplication from the latest report.
  • The issue of the overshadowing of adjacent properties was  considered prior to the recommendation of approval being decided on by Officers, with this issue discussed within the original Officer report
  • The scheme includes a requirement for 8 affordable units; although this area is normally subject to a 30% affordable units requirement, at the time the application was submitted there was a temporary relaxation to 20% and it was therefore considered reasonable to accept 20% (8 units), but this was a matter for Members to consider
  • Environmental Services have considered the issue of the impact of fumes from existing properties and the levels were considered acceptable; if however the level of fumes became unacceptable Environmental Services would have to take appropriate action to ensure the occupiers of the premises in question address the problem




  • The concerns raised in January have been addressed by the applicant and the resubmitted application is an improvement on the previous application
  • Most of the issues have been addressed by the applicant
  • The building is large and there are still some concerns about the application
  • There are still concerns about the ventilation (It was noted that conditions can only deal with the application being considered; businesses are required by law to have suitable ventilation.)


The recommendation to Grant subject to a Planning Agreement was moved and seconded, and it was


Resolved – (Voting 5 for, 3 against and 1 abstention) that the application be Granted subject to a Planning Agreement and the addition of an appropriate Condition relating to the Waste Management Plan.


Supporting documents: