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Planning Application Number 21/05859/FB - Former Greville Elderly Persons Home Lacey Road Bristol BS14 8LN


Officers introduced this report and made the following points during their presentation for this application:


·       The Council’s Delivery Team had prepared this application for a housing scheme in Stockwood on the south side of Lacey Road

·       The site had formerly been the location of an Elderly Persons Home which had been demolished in 2020

·       The amendment sheet clarified details of the Planning Application which had been missed in the planning history. There was a 2016 application for a care home which had been withdrawn in 2018 as Bristol City Council could not afford the high specification costs and solutions to enable people to remain in their homes

·       The application would cover the existing hard boundary areas. All trees would be retained except for those near the access site

·       This was a brownfield site and whilst it was not currently in the Local Plan it was scheduled to be part of the Local Plan review

·       There was an estimated capacity of 32 dwellings on the site

·       The site was 600 metres from the local centre at Stockwood Road and there were satisfactory bus routes. It was therefore deemed sustainable

·       There were 26 dwellings proposed on site with a mix of bungalows, 2 storey and 1/2/3 bedroom properties with 6 properties having 2 beds, 8 properties having 1 bed and 2 properties having 3 beds. The properties were 100% affordable

·       There were 34 parking spaces (at a 1 to 1 ratio) with 3 blue badge spaces

·       Shared ownership was no more than 23%

·       All properties were Category 2 compliant and the bungalows were Category 3 compliant, accessible to wheelchair users

·       44 objections had been received relating to neighbouring amenity, the inappropriateness of the site for social housing, the noise from the traffic that would be caused by additional dwellings. Highway safety, vehicular access and insufficient parking, the ecological impact and the removal of trees

·       Shadow Study – this had been carried out in March, June, September and December to show the impact on neighbouring properties. The studies in September and December showed the worst extent of overshadowing but considered acceptable. A picture of the site showed that the boundary trees provided useful screening

·       Overlooking – There was a minimum distance of 20 metres for most properties throughout the site with the exception of a few instances of less than 16 metres. These would be dealt with by screening.

·       Highways – there was no objection from highways. They believed that the impact would not be significant

·       Refuse Vehicle Access – analysis had shown that vehicles would be able to enter and manoeuvre on site. Refuse vehicles had been using the site and there had been no reports of any problems

·       Tree Loss – 19 trees would need to be removed near the entrance site (16 Category C, 3 category B, with a further 9 also proposed to be removed since they were in poor condition. 21 new trees would be provided on site with the developers to make a contribution to  further 8 trees off site

·       There was a biodiversity net gain with the only loss being some landscape gardens

·       Sustainability – the use of ground source heat pumps reduces the energy requirement beyond 20% required by BCS14


Officers confirmed that they recommended approval for this application including a delegation to officers to complete the Memorandum of Understanding for off site highway works, tree contribution and fire hydrants.


Officers gave the following responses to questions from the Committee:


·       Concerns about highway safety were acknowledged. However, Section 108 works would provide an opportunity for sufficient measures to be built into the development. In addition to the highway notices that would be provided with this development, leaflet drops could also be provided to nearby residents

·       Minor changes to the site such as those requiring the removal of a fence would not normally require consultation

·       Trees needed to be removed at the site entrance as the access road needed to be widened. The large boundary trees remained

·       The category of accessibility was as follows: - 3 for wheelchair users and 2 which would be adapted for wheelchairs

·       There were not further alterations to the report other than the amendment sheet

·       The proposed conditions would address any issues related to flood risk

·       Whilst highways safety had confirmed that there had been no accidents adjacent to the site, it was nevertheless acknowledged that the site had been closed for some time

·       In relation to car charging points – conditions would cover these

·       There was only one entrance which was appropriate for a development this size

·       There was a detailed condition to ensure that safe pedestrian movement was built into the design and this would enable officers to ensure this was a requirement. The welcome pack included information relating to this

·       The majority of the scheme would be two to three beds. However, details had not yet been finalised concerning whether they would be private or social

·       The proposals in relation to a requirement for local engagement were very specific. Any deviation would require a further planning application




Councillors then made the following points:


·       Whilst this met the need in the area, was a good use of a Brownfield site, provided good parking and included affordable housing, it would be improved by a greater number of access points. However, on balance, it should be supported

·       On balance this was a good application with decent sized gardens and should be supported

·       There was an issue concerning lack of access to GP surgeries in the area. However, it was generally acceptable and should be supported

·       Whilst there were some concerns with this scheme, it did meet a housing shortage for affordable and social housing.


It was moved, duly seconded and upon being put to the vote, it was


RESOLVED (unanimously) - that this planning application is approved in accordance with officers’ recommendations and including a delegation to officers to complete the Memorandum of Understanding for offsite highway works, tree contribution and fire hydrants.

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