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Quarterly performance progress report (Quarter 4 2021/22)


The Board considered the quarter 4 performance progress report for 2021/22.


Points raised/noted:

a. The approach to performance reporting going forwards would be in line with the new performance framework – future reports would include enhanced narrative and milestone tracking as well as the latest data in relation to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); work would also take place in advance of meetings to identify areas of particular interest to members, with a view to appropriate officers being invited to attend scrutiny performance review sessions to help maximise their effectiveness.


b. In terms of the presentation of data in the report, Cllr Wilcox suggested that it would be useful for the top line ‘column headings’ (as per page 62) to be replicated on each page.


c. Re: indicator BCP475 - increase the number of passenger journeys on buses: Given the current issues around bus reliability and driver availability, Cllr Wilcox queried how the Council would be working with the bus operator(s) to improve this, especially in light of the WECA bus deal negotiations.

In response, Cllr Alexander advised that there was regular dialogue with WECA officers, the relevant unitary authority Cabinet members and bus operators; the reality was there was a major immediate issue around the national shortage of bus drivers. In the longer term, the city needed to secure the best possible segregated infrastructure solution for buses.


d.  Re: indicator BPB530 - increase the satisfaction of citizens with our services: with reference to the drop in the number of people satisfied with council services, Cllr Wilcox requested information about how this would be addressed.  It was noted that a written response would be provided.


e. Re: indicator BPC352b - reduce the number of people sleeping rough in Bristol on a single night: Cllr Brown pointed out that the latest figure given was 45 but in the draft statement of accounts considered the previous day by the Audit Committee, a figure of 26 had been given.  It was noted that a written response would be provided to clarify the detail on this point.


f. Re: indicator BPB124a - % of major residential planning applications processed within 13 weeks or as otherwise agreed: Cllr Brown pointed out that there seemed to be a discrepancy in the narrative, stating ‘The number of decisions (44) for the year to date are down on 2020-21 when 38 had been issued.’  It was noted that a written response would be provided to clarify the detail on this point.


g. Re: indicator BPB375 – reduce the number of empty council properties: Cllr Bradshaw commented that whilst understanding the impact of Covid and the associated disruption, he was interested in how the Council would be dealing with void properties going forwards, in terms of how quickly voids could be turned around, not least because of the scale of the number of people on Bristol’s council housing waiting list and the need to bring in income to the housing revenue account.  It was noted that a written response would be provided to clarify the detail on this point.


h. As per point a. above, the Chair commented that to help maximise the usefulness of performance review scrutiny sessions moving forwards, it would be useful for members to identify in advance areas of particular interest, to enable relevant officers to provide detailed answers and attend meetings to enable meaningful discussion and ‘deeper dives’ on these matters.


Noting and taking into account the above points, OSMB RESOLVED:

- To note the year-end results for the Key Performance Indicators for Quarter 4 2021/22 (Appendix A1) designed around the themes in the Corporate Strategy 2018-23 and Business Plan 2021/22.


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