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Temple Quarter

This report is ‘to follow’.

The Public Forum questions deadline will be therefore extended for this item and a note will be published on the meeting webpage to confirm this.


Lowri Hughson-Smith - Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone Project Manager introduced the item to Members and explained the focus of the up-date would be on developments since February 2022 when this was last brought before the Commission.  Lowri talked Members through the information on the published slide deck.


John Smith - Director Economy of Place added that the development was now taking shape and under the current economic climate that was quite an achievement.  He thanked Members for attending the tour of the area earlier that week and said that the main take away had been the comments made by Members about the transport elements of the  project.  He added that the Council was determined to talk to the community about new developments because they want people to know that that is being done with them not to them.  He said that the legal agreements with Homes England had been signed this year and that  that the Council is also proposing to enter into a legally binding collaboration agreement between four partners (BCC, Network Rail, Homes England and the West of England Combined Authority) for delivery plans for the 4 sites.


The Reinvestment Strategy was highlighted and it was said that the proceeds of sales of BCC owned land would be reinvested into Phase 2 of the project.  Also, that the Bristol Avon Flood Strategy was one if the key enabling blocks to move the project forward.


It was said that the Joint Delivery Team had helped take the project to this point and that an application for a further 4 years funding would be submitted.  This would also help to de-risk aspects of the development going forward.  They were also as previously reported to the Commission, looking to set up a ‘joint delivery vehicle’. 


It was stated that the project had moved to RIBA Stage 1 details of this and the outputs were included on the published slide deck.


The Delivery Framework was said to set out the long-term vision of area.  The vision had now also been updated. 


Members were taken through the details of the Communication, Engagement and Consultation Strategy which it was said would be a phased approach.  A number of tours of the site had taken place recently and more were being arranged. 


A Member asked about the funding for the Redcliffe Way reconfiguration that was completed recently and asked if it was different to the previous plans.  Officers aid that the funding bid for it was written years ago and so it was unlikely that everything in there would now be undertaken.  It was now more focussed on integrating housing provision with other aspects such as cycle paths. There would now be a funded transport officer imbedded in the project to ensure it linked into other transport projects within the area.


A Member thanked officers for the informative tour that week and said they understood there would be a new multistorey carpark built.  Was it possible to have a repurposed roof on that? Officers said they would need to look into that after the meeting and would provide an up-date and feedback about the roof.

Action: officers to enquire about the planned multistorey carpark and the possibility of a repurposed roof.


A Member asked about the Building Bristol Initiative point on the published slides and whether that was new?  The Director said yes it was new and aimed at increasing the number of local people entering the construction industry in Bristol.  Bristol City Council has taken steps to change its planning requirements meaning all major applications must include an Employment and Skills Plan (ESP).  This was a very good employment and skills initiative and was about increasing social value in all future local development schemes. 


The Chair thanked officers for their time.


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