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Q1 Performance Report for Business Change

To note the Business Change Outturn Performance Report for Quarter 1 of 2016/17 and to identify a suite of performance indicators for future reporting (Q2 onwards) from the list provided.


The Commission considered the report of the Service Director, HR, presented by the Performance Improvement Advisor. The report set out the Business Change Outturn Performance Report for Quarter 1 of 2016/17 and provided a suite of performance indicators that could be selected for future reporting (Q2 onwards).


The following points were raised in discussion:


a.         Performance indicators needed to be relevant, and sufficient in number to cover the breadth of business that the Commission expected to scrutinise.


Digital Services and Customer Insight

b.         A Member suggested that the availability of the council website and digital services targets did not need to be monitored by the Commission.  Officers suggested that this provided an ability to monitor the trajectory of citizen shift to digital channels which was a key objective for Business Change.


BU356 Reduction during the year in opening balances of general debtors

c.         Confirmed that this indicator needed review.  A more useful and challenging indicator would be around collection of debt and collection of income.  Officers to reset the definition so the performance could be monitored and reported.


Action: Anabel Scholes


BU395 The number of Council owned properties recovered for letting

d.         Concern raised that business continuity had not been managed effectively in relation to this target.


e.         Members requested the ability to monitor Agency spend and overtime on a council wide basis, with enough detail to understand how this was managed.  It was understood that use of agency staffing could sometimes save money.  Officers to provide the numbers and narrative requested.


Action: Richard Billingham


BU134 Number of working days lost due to sickness absence (Business Change)

f.          Members congratulated Officers on the sickness performance, but questioned whether there was duplication if was already being monitored by the HR Committee.


BU205 Number of Knowledgebase Hits to Advice Centre Calls

g.         Confirmed that the Knowledgebase was the guidance placed on the Source for managers. The indicator was a measure of internal channel shift.  It had been recognised that most calls received by the call centre related to a failure demand rather than a value demand. The increase in people using self-service had not been predicated to date but was required to deliver future savings. Concerns raised that self-service could be perceived as an undue burden on people managing services, with questions over the skills and ability of managers to be self-service customers.  Officers confirmed that HR Services no longer had capacity to pick up the slack. The Strategic Director confirmed that this was a business discussion to be had with the Senior Leadership Team. During a period of transformation and organisational change, HR Services would normally provide the support that helped an organisation transform.


h.         Members raised concerns regarding broken links and out of date information on the Source. The Strategic Director asked councillors to email her assistant with details as they found them so that each instance could be resolved. Officers to circulate the contact details to members.


Action: Anna Klonowski

BU355 Percentage of invoices paid on time

i.           Concern raised that the Council would be open to litigation if it did not meet legal requirements to pay invoices on time.  Officers confirmed that finance teams followed protocol to prioritise circumstances where litigation problems might ensue.


BU207 % of employees with a completed 'My Performance' Baseline review form (BCC)

j.           ‘My Performance’ was the Council’s new appraisal system.  Concern raised that managers may not be prioritising staff appraisal due to work pressures.  Officers confirmed that the most up to date figures may reveal a higher resolution rate as the Q1 completion results had fallen outside of Q1 report.


NEW Number of Press Releases issued

k.         Agreed that this activity measure be removed from the report.


Action: Richard Billingham


l.           Members confirmed that the suggested new measures were useful indicators and should be adopted. Confirmed that new report format was preferred.


Action: Richard Billingham



         (i)         To agree to adopt the suggested measures (unless otherwise indicated) and the new report format

        (ii)        To note the discussion points and progress the actions arising


(Cllr Weston left the meeting)



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