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NP Plan Update

Decisions on revised NP Plan priorities and Fundraiser allocation; workshop discussions on communication, Transformers fund and fundraiser; decision on responding to SCAF funding request; on Mayor’s Clean Streets Campaign


The Neighbourhood Partnership considered the NP Plan update report from Keith Houghton, NP Co-ordinator.


The following key issues were noted during discussion:-


NP Plan and Governance and Equalities/Engagement Event 22 October


- In light of potential budget cuts in the Corporate Strategy 2017-22 the group had considered the delivery priorities from the current NP Plan and reduced officer resources available.

- The group also explored ways of increasing engagement and communication, particularly in the light of the Equalities information we got from the monitoring in April – June quarter of 2016.


The group agreed to refine the delivery priorities of the NP Plan to the areas of activity as outlined in the report which would be likely to produce the most lasting benefit to the four village areas in Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston and to focus on leaving a useful legacy in the event of the discontinuation of NPs.


The Neighbourhood Partnership APPROVED the focus on ‘legacy’ impacts and the priorities identified as most significant to deliver them up to July 2017 (revised delivery plan in appendix 2)


NP Fundraiser


The option of using funds from the available £24,813 of currently un-committed NP Neighbourhood Budget to employ a fundraiser was agreed in principle at the June 2016 NP meeting (£10,000).  However, in light of the current BCC budget freeze it was noted that this could no longer be funded from this particular budget.  It was noted, however, that the NP had other non BCC monies available to it and could also still work with other NPs to explore whether a joint piece of work could secure a better service.  With the expertise of a fund raiser an investment of £10,000 had the potential to attract a significant return which was much needed in the current economic climate.


At the same time, there are other, alternative requests and options which the NP could consider to use the £10,000 available from the Wind Turnbines monies, these include:


·       Re- considering the SCAF request for £5000 in the light of their improved prospects

·       Support to elements of the ‘slimmed-down’ delivery priorities in the NP Plan, such as Community Plan developments


The NP AGREED that a working group be set up, consisting of the following volunteers Cllrs Melias, Alexander, Sergeant, John Muse, Renee Slater , Jason Budd, Mark Pepper and Tim Leaman in order to:-

1) bring back a full report setting out options and recommendations to the next meeting in March 2017.


Mayors Clean Streets Campaign


It was noted that the Mayor has made a Pledge that Bristol will be measurably cleaner (less litter, fly tipping, fly posting, graffiti, dog fouling, gum and weeds in the City as well as much more reuse, repair and recycling so that less waste is produced and disposed of in landfill).


In response to the following questions, the NP were invited to put suggestions on ‘post it notes’ and at the end of the meeting put them on the Flip Chart that was located in the room;

·       How you want your area to look?

·       What we need to do to make your area cleaner and tidier and identify hotspots to be focussed upon

·       Tell the Mayor about work undertaken by this NP or planned which will contribute to improving the look and feel of the City which can be shared as part of the campaign


The NP AGREED to feature this Campaign at the February Neighbourhood Forums 



Supporting documents: