Agenda item

Cabinet Member for Place Q&A Session


The Chair welcomed Councillor Helen Holland Cabinet Member for Place and invited questions from the commission.


a.     Community Asset Transfer (CAT) – The Cabinet Member provided background to the development of CAT schemes.  Sharing that previously members worked to find a solution that would support local people manage community facilities.  CAT’s provide short-term licences to long leases at reduced or minimal rents or preferential terms.  When done well, CAT’s can create lasting change in local neighbourhoods.


b.     Arena Development - summary of the answers provided by the Cabinet Member and Strategic Director for Place.


                           i.          Confirmation provided that the Mayor is committed to the Arena.  All were reminded that it is a complex project, impacted by its location on an elevated site, near a main highway, with the river and railway station, in close proximity.  The Engineers engaged in this project must ensure that all aspects of the design reflect the complexity of the area.

                         ii.          Officers acknowledge the negative impact on road users around the Temple Meads junction, because of the development to Cattle Market Rd and work relating to the Metrobus.

                        iii.          Reassurance was given that the artists performing at the Arena would seek out venues with a 12,000 seater capacity.  They differ from the artists performing at Colston Hall.  The Colston Hall has a seating capacity of 1900, attracting a different calibre of artist.  Going forward Bristol will attract performers and spin off productions from television shows that had previously bypassed Bristol going instead to Cardiff Arena.

                        iv.          The Arena discussion would be scheduled for Spring 2017 for further information sharing.  The DC Committee took a view that a solution was required on the issue of parking and the congested created by vehicles dropping off, family and friends attending performances.  The intention is that at the time the Arena is programmed on the agenda these issues and others would have been worked through, allowing for an informed discussion on the whole development.

                          v.          With reference to the Electrification of the rail lines project this was not viewed as a hindrance to development within the arena area.


c.      The question was posed on future development plans on completion of the Arena?

                           i.          A number of areas could be considered such as St Philips near Feeder Road and the South Bristol area both have potential for wider growth.


d.     The question was posed on whether the City Council work effectively with other Landowners within the region?

                           i.          The Government is currently undertaking a rationalisation of public estates.  This provides the Council with an opportunity to work with Health Partners and Government estates that would provide advantageous to the City.

e.     The Cabinet Member was asked what caused the greatest stress?

                           i.          Concern in respect of the budget position and delivering the vision for Place with resources that are restricted.

                         ii.          The Strategic Director for Place shared that Officers involved in the delivery of City Wide development are few and any benchmarking exercise would show that comparative cities have a larger pool of officers undertaking similar work.


The Chair extended the Commission’s thanks to the Cabinet Member for her attendance and contribution.