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Performance Monitoring Quarter 3


Paul Jacobs, Service Director for Education and Skills introduced the report and appendices which provided a summary of the main areas of progress towards the delivery of the Corporate Plan 2014-17.


Councillors were invited to ask questions and the following was noted as part of the discussion:


Performance Indicator (PI) - Increase the percentage of adults receiving direct payments

·         Councillor Pickersgill referred to anecdotal information received that suggested disabled people were less likely to be offered the full package of support when assessed for direct payment. Officers agreed to provide a further breakdown of Direct Payment information which would show the distinction between one off payments and other direct payments.  (Action – Stephen Beet - Head of Service – South/ Hospitals, Adults Care & Support).


PI - Percentage of older people at home 91 days after discharge from hospital into reablement / rehabilitation

·         Officers confirmed that the wording related to the PI was standardised across all Local Authorities and could be confusing for a lay person to understand.  The indicator outlined the number of people who have been at home for 90 days without being re-admitted. 


PI - Percentage of 17 to 21 year old care leavers in EET

·         Councillor Brain highlighted that although improvement had been made the results were still poor.  The data suggested that almost 20% of care leavers would not be education, employment or training due to pregnancy.  A further breakdown of the information was requested.  (Action – Angela Clarke - Deputy Service Director, Child & Family Support, Care and Support - Children and Families).


·         Councillors referred to the good service provided at the Meriton - a specialist school based in Bristol which focused on providing education, support, mentoring and advice to teenage girls and young parents.  The facility had places available but anecdotal evidence suggested the location of the facility had been challenging for women to access.


·         John Readman, People Directorate Strategic Director highlighted that support for children in care and care leavers had been identified as a corporate priority and regular updates were provided at meetings of the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) and the Learning City Board.  Bristol City Council set targets above the national average but more work would still be required to provide care leavers with better opportunities. 


·         Officers from the Employment and Skills team and Children and Family services work collaboratively to provide support for young people in employment and education.  Remodelling of the Care Leavers team would increase expertise and ensure a joined up approach.  Young people have complex lives and it was sometimes challenging for them to remain in sustainable employment or education.


·         The Mayor has prioritised work experience for young people and BCC should lead by example by providing apprenticeships within the council and supporting a wider apprenticeship expansion.


·         Reference was made to the 14-19 officer roles which were currently being processed by the Human Resources team.  The process had been slow which could risk experienced staff leaving the organisation.  Cllr Massey would request an update at the forthcoming Hope School Governors meeting.  (Action – Cllr Brenda Massey).


·         Officers suggested the area could be further strengthened in youth services commissioning. 


·         Care Leavers seemed to be more successful in gaining apprenticeships and work in small businesses when more personalised support was provided.  Councillors could assist by linking local businesses to the Council. 


·         Members agreed this area should be a priority and Councillors requested the opportunity for more detailed scrutiny of the issue.  Reference was made to the Corporate Parenting Panel (CPP) which all Councillors were encouraged to attend.


·         The current scrutiny review was acknowledged. The item would be highlighted for consideration in 2017/18.   (Action – Karen Blong to add Children in Care and Care Leavers to the work programme for further consideration).


PI - Reduce the permanent admissions aged 65+ to residential and nursing care, per 100,000 population

·         Councillors noted the error in data collection and re-iterated the importance of correct information. 


Resolved – that the report be noted.


Supporting documents: