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Under the Council’s constitution, 30 minutes are available for the consideration of motions.  In practice, this realistically means that there is usually only time for one, or possibly two motions to be considered.  With the agreement of the Lord Mayor, motion 1 below will be considered at this meeting, and motion 2 may be considered subject to time. 




Motion to be moved by: Cllr Anthony Negus, Liberal Democrat, Cotham ward


“Council notes the proposals by the Mayor to reduce the amount of libraries in Bristol from 27 to 10 libraries. 


Council understands the difficult financial situation that Bristol City Council faces and the need to reduce costs during a time of reducing budgets and increasing demographic demand.


Council welcomes the petition by Love Bristol Libraries, various other library groups and campaigners, and believes there is strong public support for maintaining Bristol’s library provision.


Council notes the report from the Libraries Task and Finish Scrutiny Group, notes that it had input from all political parties and that the recommendations have the support of councillors from Conservative, Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. The report also received the endorsement of OSMB.


Council endorses the central proposal to begin work on creating a mutual model for delivery of a comprehensive library service that will be professionally led,  volunteer supported and ensures a network of branch libraries is maintained across the city. These proposals will also guarantee the jobs of professional library staff providing them with a secure future working alongside volunteers.


Council calls on the Mayor to bring forward new proposals based on the long term future of Libraries, an important principle for the ambitions of a Learning City.  This new proposal to have a strategic approach that delivers a professionally led mutual model that embraces volunteers and secures the future of the library network.”



MOTION 2 (subject to time):  PROTECTING OUR PARKS

Motion to be moved by: Cllr Weston, Conservative, Henbury and Brentry ward


“Council is convinced that the Mayor’s ‘new ways of delivering parks and open spaces’ strategy is based on a totally flawed and unworkable cost neutral funding model.


It has long been realised that parks and green spaces are treasured public assets which provide a wide range of health benefits, places for leisure and relaxation, as well as helping to improve the urban environment.


Previous threats to Bristol’s substantial amount of accessible green space (1500 hectares), contained in the controversial 20-year Parks & Green Space Strategy (P&GSS) were fiercely opposed in our city, and this experience should act as a warning to any politician who dismantles or inadvertently damages this precious Victorian heritage.


Council recognises that there are huge financial pressures on local authorities, and many competing demands on limited resources.  For this reason, it is accepted that greater commercialisation and income generation has to be a part of helping to maintain the city’s diverse mix of parks and play spaces. Here, volunteers and community groups will also perform a critical role.


However, Council believes the £3.92m savings proposal currently adopted or applied is simply unachievable.  Instead, this Council calls on the Mayor to set a realistic reduction target and provide this much-valued service with an adequate or far more sensible revenue budget.  In addition, regarding income generation measures, Council requests that any increased hire rate for parks should not be applied to voluntary community groups.”



Detail of other motions submitted (which will not be considered at this meeting due to time constraints) are set out for information only at the end of this agenda.