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Committee details

Bristol Homes and Communities Board


  • Councillor Tom Renhard  (Co-Chair) 
  • Oona Goldsworthy  (Co-Chair) 
  • Matt Hollinshead   
  • Councillor Nicola Beech   
  • Helen Bone   
  • Gavin Bridge   
  • Stephen Dale   
  • Philip Farrell   
  • Penny Germon   
  • David Ingerslev    St Mungo's
  • Sado Jirde    Black South West Network
  • Robert Kerse    University of Bristol - Chief Financial Officer
  • Sarah Maylor    Bristol Housing Partnership
  • Alex Notay   
  • Sarah O'Leary   
  • Victoria Parker   
  • Kathryn Pennington    Vistry Partnerships
  • Cathy Provenzano    Bristol Association of Letting and Property Management Agents
  • Alex Raikes   
  • Jez Sweetland   
  • Penny Walster    ACFA: Advice Network
  • Laura Welti    Bristol Disability Equality Forum

Contact information

Support officer: Oliver Harrison.