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Learning City Partnership Board

Purpose of committee

The development of Bristol Learning City is overseen by a group of influential city leaders who represent education, business and advocates for learning – who belong to the ‘Partnership Board’.

The Partnership Board champion learning for all ages and all communities, commission activity to increase participation and achievement, communicate messages about learning and celebrate the benefits of learning as a way to transform lives.

The Partnership Board provides a framework to: connect planning, decision making and resources; engage citizens, educators and employers; communicate with learners, organisations and stakeholders.

In its work together, the Partnership Board leads the strategic planning for learning and skills across the city. It:

  • Considers city-wide transformation strategically
  • Agrees priorities for action, to tackle city challenges and improve equality
  • Commissions activity to increase participation and achievement
  • Provides advice to partners, including the Mayor when making council decisions
  • Plans collectively to maximise the use of resources and increase opportunities
  • Identifies existing provision and activity to improve coordination
  • Shares information about learners and learning opportunities in the city
  • Communicates key messages about learning
  • Engages others to raise aspiration and develop a culture of learning
  • Operates in a global Learning City community to learn from and share good practice.

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  • Gary Keith Miller   
  • Richard Pettigrew   
  • David Barrett   
  • Andy Forbes   
  • Jon Angel   
  • Tim Browse   
  • Chris Curling   
  • Esther Deans   
  • Darren Ewings   
  • Jo Hill   
  • Siena Jackson-Wolfe   
  • Sandra Meadows   
  • Jo Midgeley   
  • Aidid Mohamed   
  • Lawrence Pitt   
  • Tom Sperlinger   

Contact information

Support officer: Claudette Campbell.

Phone: 0117 9222342