Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Clean Air Zone Full Business Case - NEW ITEM06/01/2020For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Enabling Housing Innovation for Inclusive Growth Grant Application and Partnership - NEW ITEM06/01/2020For Determination04/02/2020
Library Strategy - NEW ITEM06/01/2020For Determination04/02/2020
Battery Storage investment in City Hall - NEW ITEM06/01/2020For Determination04/02/2020
Re-Procurement of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Services Contracts - NEW ITEM06/01/2020For Determination04/02/2020
Procurement of a replacement Revenues and Benefits software system and associated hardware - NEW ITEM06/01/2020For Determination04/02/2020
Occupational Health (OH) and Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) procurement - NEW ITEM06/01/2020For Determination04/02/2020
Community Led Housing Land Disposal Policy & Self-Build Housing Land Disposal Policy - NEW ITEM06/01/2020For Determination04/02/2020
Procurement of a contact to provide Storage Area Network19/12/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Procurement of a IT Hardware and Consumables contract19/12/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Re-procurement of the Run Bristol contract 2021-202619/12/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Bristol Holding Limited Group Company Business Plans 2020/21 - 2024/2519/12/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Strategic Partnering Initiative19/12/2019For Determination21/01/2020
South Bristol Sports Centre Reinstatement Tender - Phase 119/12/2019For Determination21/01/2020
A Sport and Physical Activity Strategy for Bristol 2020 - 202519/12/2019For Determination21/01/2020
WECA Transport Authority Integration Project04/11/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Heat Networks Special Purpose Vehicle02/09/2019For Determination03/03/2020
Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth Strategy05/08/2019For Determination03/03/2020
Lawrence Weston Community Hub05/08/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Bristol City Council Business Plan 2020/2105/08/2019For Determination07/04/2020
Bristol City Council Performance Framework 2020/2105/08/2019For Determination07/04/2020
Temple Island - scheme content and development agreement03/06/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Acquisition of Land at Broomhill Road, Brislington03/06/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Partial relocation and development of the Council’s Bottle Yard Studios facility at Hawkfield Business Park03/06/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
The Future of Bristol’s Cemetery and Crematorium provision03/06/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Waste Minimisation, Recycling and Waste Service improvements04/06/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Connected City Project03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Q3 Performance Report03/05/2019For Determination07/04/2020
Q3 Corporate Risk Report03/05/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Q2 Performance Report03/05/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Cultural Investment Programme03/05/2019For Determination21/01/2020
The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Redcliffe Corridor03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Property Strategy (Asset Management Plan)03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Budget Monitoring Outturn report P1109/04/2019For Determination07/04/2020
Budget Monitoring Outturn report P1009/04/2019For Determination03/03/2020
SEND Top Up Processes and Procedures Review09/04/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Housing Infrastructure Fund09/04/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Housing Revenue Account 2020/21 budget proposals09/04/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Budget for the Dedicated Schools Grant 2020/2109/04/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Budget Recommendations to Full Council, including Treasury Management Strategy09/04/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Enterprise Zone Update21/12/2018For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020 Date to be determined
Budget Monitoring Outturn report P921/12/2018For Determination04/02/2020
Members Parental Leave Policy21/12/2018For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020