Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Bristol Housing Company - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Support to Stop Smoking Services - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Primary Care Contracting - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Connected City Project - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination02/07/2019
Markets and Docks Estate Business Mandate - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination02/07/2019
Extension of Contract for Voice and Data Connectivity - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination02/07/2019
Budget Monitoring Outturn Report 2018/19 - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination18/06/2019
Professional Services Framework - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination18/06/2019
CCTV and Fibre Hardware Installation and Maintenance - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination18/06/2019
Extension of Adult Carers Support Service contracts - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination18/06/2019
New Executive Safeguarding and Community Safety Board - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination18/06/2019
Q3 Performance Report - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination07/04/2020
Q3 Corporate Risk Report - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination04/02/2020
Q2 Performance Report - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Award of Imagination Funding - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
MetroWest Phase 2 (Henbury Rail Line and increased rail services to Yate) - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination18/06/2019
Q2 Corporate Risk Report - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Pricing Strategy and Nursing Care 18-65 year age range - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination02/07/2019
Q1 Performance Report - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination01/10/2019
The Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Bristol Bus Deal - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination03/09/2019
Street Dwelling Policy - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination03/09/2019
Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination03/09/2019
Redcliffe Corridor - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Templegate and West End NSCP Structural Repairs - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination02/07/2019
Temple Island (proposals for development agreement) - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
City Funds - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination02/07/2019
Property Strategy (Asset Management Plan) - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Contract and Grant Extensions - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
VCSE Service Commissioning - NEW ITEM03/05/2019For Determination07/04/2020
Budget Monitoring Outturn report P1009/04/2019For Determination07/04/2020
Budget Monitoring Outturn report P909/04/2019For Determination03/03/2020
Q1 Corporate Risk Register09/04/2019For Determination03/09/2019
SEND Top Up Processes and Procedures Review09/04/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Early Intervention Bases Review09/04/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Branwhite Close and Gainsborough Square Area development09/04/2019For Determination03/09/2019
Sensory Support Service Review09/04/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Clean Air Plan Update09/04/2019For Determination18/06/2019
Housing Infrastructure Fund09/04/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
A New Profile of Children's Homes09/04/2019For Determination18/06/2019
Better Lives Programme: "Help when people need it"09/04/2019For Determination18/06/2019
European Social Fund (ESF) bid opportunity to improve the employment of people with learning difficulties09/04/2019For Determination03/09/2019
Tree management contract and strategy09/04/2019For Determination18/06/2019
Procurement of Managed Services provider for Contingent Workers from April 202009/04/2019For Determination02/07/2019
Capital Strategy09/04/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Housing Revenue Account 2020/21 budget proposals09/04/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Dedicated Schools Grant 2020/2109/04/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Treasury Management Strategy09/04/2019For Determination21/01/2020
Collection fund surplus/ deficit report09/04/2019For Determination03/12/2019
Council Tax Reduction Scheme 20/2109/04/2019For Determination18/06/2019
Council Tax Base 2020/2109/04/2019For Determination03/12/2019
Medium Term Financial Plan09/04/2019For Determination05/11/2019
Building Practice Capital Programme Budget Allocation 2019/2008/04/2019For Determination07/05/2019
Hengrove Park - Proposed Relocation of St Bernadette's Rugby Club and 21st Bristol (Gladstone) Scout Group08/04/2019For Determination07/05/2019
Better Lives at Home: Proposals and Progress Update08/04/2019For Determination07/05/2019
Technology Enabled Care Service - Better Lives Programme08/04/2019For Determination07/05/2019
Library Technology Update08/04/2019For Determination07/05/2019
Corporate Risk Management Report and Annual Update08/04/2019For Determination18/06/2019
Food and Beverage Contract for Event Spaces in Council Buildings08/04/2019For Determination07/05/2019
The Environmental Offences (Fixed Penalties) (England) Regulations 2017: Changes in Fixed Penalty Rates08/04/2019For Determination07/05/2019
Property Purchases For Use As Temporary Accommodation08/04/2019For Determination07/05/2019
Transport Capital Programme 2019/202004/03/2019For Determination18/06/2019
WECA Adult Education Budget 2019/20 Grant04/02/2019For Determination02/07/2019
Harbour & Harbour Estate Review04/02/2019For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020
Hengrove Park04/02/2019For Determination07/05/2019
Bristol Transport Strategy21/12/2018For Determination02/07/2019 Date to be determined
A4018 outcome of consultation & request to submit full business case to WECA21/12/2018For Determination18/06/2019 Date to be determined
Enterprise Zone Update21/12/2018For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020 Date to be determined
Budget Monitoring Out turn report P821/12/2018For Determination04/02/2020
Budget Monitoring Out turn report P721/12/2018For Determination07/01/2020
Household Waste Reuse and Recycling Centre21/12/2018For Determination18/06/2019 Date to be determined
Budget Monitoring Out turn report P621/12/2018For Determination03/12/2019
Public Health Recommissioning21/12/2018For Determination02/07/2019 Date to be determined
Budget Monitoring Out turn report P521/12/2018For Determination05/11/2019
Budget Monitoring Out turn report P421/12/2018For Determination01/10/2019
Budget Monitoring Out turn report P321/12/2018For Determination03/09/2019
Budget Monitoring Out turn report P221/12/2018For Determination02/07/2019
Bristol City Council Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)21/12/2018For Determination18/06/2019
Members Parental Leave Policy21/12/2018For DeterminationBefore 05/05/2020