Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Q2 Corporate Risk Management Report 2020/2108/10/2020For Determination01/12/2020
Quarterly Performance Progress Report – Quarter Two 2020/2108/10/2020For Determination19/01/2021
Q3 Corporate Risk Management Report 2020/2108/10/2020For Determination02/03/2021
Q4 Corporate Risk Management Report 2020/2108/10/2020For Determination13/04/2021
Quarterly Performance Progress Report – Quarter Three 2020/2108/10/2020For Determination13/04/2021
Parking Services Tariff Review - NEW ITEM05/10/2020For Determination01/12/2020
Bristol Beacon - NEW ITEM05/10/2020For DeterminationBefore 04/05/2021
Temple Quarter Update - NEW ITEM05/10/2020For Determination01/12/2020
New Children's Home Project -NEW ITEM05/10/2020For Determination01/12/2020
Bristol Credit Union Merger - NEW ITEM05/10/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Secondary Sufficiency Programme - NEW ITEM05/10/2020For DeterminationBefore 04/05/2021
Investment in Regional Community Bank - NEW ITEM05/10/2020For DeterminationBefore 04/05/2021
Financial Support for Leisure Centres - NEW ITEM05/10/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Emergency Active Travel Fund - NEW ITEM05/10/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Next Steps Accommodation Funding - NEW ITEM05/10/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Extension of Contract for Provision of Sexual Health Services - NEW ITEM05/10/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Print and Mail - contract extension and procurement - NEW ITEM05/10/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Budget Monitoring Outturn Report P1007/09/2020For Determination02/03/2021
Budget Monitoring Outturn report P907/09/2020For Determination02/02/2021
Procurement of a Data Delivery Partner07/09/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Property Asset Management Plan15/06/2020For DeterminationBefore 04/05/2021
Approval of HMO Supplementary Planning Document15/06/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Climate Change and Ecological Emergency Programme15/06/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Development of Hawkfield Business Park15/06/2020For Determination01/12/2020
Financial Outturn Report 20/2115/06/2020For Determination13/04/2021
Implementation of a Supplier Early Payment15/06/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Southmead Regeneration Programme15/06/2020For DeterminationBefore 04/05/2021
Budget Monitoring Outturn report P815/06/2020For Determination19/01/2021
Corporate Parenting Strategy Refresh15/06/2020For Determination01/12/2020
Budget Recommendations to Full Council, including the Treasury Management Strategy15/06/2020For DeterminationNot before 19/01/2021
Budget Monitoring Outturn report P715/06/2020For Determination01/12/2020
Budget Monitoring Outturn Report P615/06/2020For Determination03/11/2020
Collection Fund Report - Council Tax and Business Rates Surplus15/06/2020For Determination01/12/2020
Council Tax Base Report15/06/2020For Determination01/12/2020
Social Value Policy15/06/2020For DeterminationBefore 04/05/2021
Housing payments made under the Vulnerable Person’s Resettlement Scheme and the Global Resettlement Scheme03/02/2020For DeterminationBefore 04/05/2021
Lawrence Weston Community Hub05/08/2019For DeterminationBefore 04/05/2021
Waste Minimisation, Recycling and Waste Service improvements04/06/2019For DeterminationNot before 04/05/2021
Enterprise Zone Update21/12/2018For DeterminationBefore 04/05/2021 Date to be determined
Members Parental Leave Policy21/12/2018For DeterminationBefore 04/05/2021