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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Memorandum of Understanding between Boklok and Bristol City Council ref: 70203/12/201903/12/2019Not for call-in
Council Tax Base 2020/21 ref: 69103/12/201911/12/2019Call-in expired
Challenge Fund: Transport Maintenance Funding ref: 69503/12/201911/12/2019Call-in expired
APR15 Access Fund Extension 2020/21 ref: 69603/12/201911/12/2019Call-in expired
South Bristol Enterprise Support Project ref: 69303/12/201911/12/2019Call-in expired
Drain Clearance and Land Drainage Surveys on land owned or leased by Bristol City Council ref: 69803/12/201912/12/2019Call-in expired
Local Growth Fund Re-allocation ref: 69403/12/201911/12/2019Call-in expired
Hartcliffe Way Reuse & Recycling Centre ref: 69703/12/201911/12/2019Call-in expired
Budget Monitoring Out turn report P7 ref: 69003/12/201911/12/2019Call-in expired
Recommissioning of Advocacy Service Contracts ref: 68903/12/201911/12/2019Call-in expired
Enabling the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Sector ref: 68803/12/201911/12/2019Call-in expired
Collection fund surplus/ deficit report ref: 69203/12/201911/12/2019Call-in expired
APR15 Catch 22 Include School Bristol Closure ref: 69903/12/201911/12/2019Call-in expired
Harbour Estate Review ref: 70003/12/201903/12/2019Not for call-in
Q2 Corporate Risk Report ref: 70103/12/201903/12/2019Not for call-in
Purchase of long term empty property ref: 68503/08/201803/08/2018Not for call-in
Specialist Commercial heat network advice to City Leap ref: 68721/11/201921/11/2019Not for call-in
Specialist Commercial advice to City Leap ref: 68621/11/201921/11/2019Not for call-in
Broughton Hopper – Essential structural repairs and waterproofing ref: 68401/11/201901/11/2019Not for call-in
Section 21 Consultation ref: 68308/10/201908/10/2019Not for call-in
Access Fund Extension 2020/21 ref: 68220/11/201920/11/2019Not for call-in