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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Section 21 Consultation ref: 68308/10/201908/10/2019Not for call-in
Request to extend an existing banking contract ref: 65901/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
IT Asset Management Solution ref: 65514/05/201914/05/2019Not for call-in
Forgerock OpenIM AM Licences and Subscription ref: 65426/04/201926/04/2019Not for call-in
Provision of Server and associated Hardware Maintenance Services ref: 65101/04/201901/04/2019Not for call-in
Salesforce Licences – Main Organisation ref: 65212/02/201912/02/2019Not for call-in
ESRI ArcGIS Server Enterprise Licence Agreement ref: 65622/01/201922/01/2019Not for call-in
Provision of maintenance and support of fire suppression and environmental systems for City Hall Data Centre ref: 65326/03/201926/03/2019Not for call-in
Old Market Network (Phase 1a) Civil & Mechanical Construction Project ref: 65007/10/201907/10/2019Not for call-in
Heat Network Integrated Studies ref: 64916/07/201916/07/2019Not for call-in
Ascend ID Two Factor Authentication ref: 64824/09/201924/09/2019Not for call-in
Home Care Contract Extension ref: 64501/10/201909/10/2019Call-in expired
Cumberland Road Stabilisation Project ref: 64401/10/201909/10/2019Call-in expired
Bristol Bus Deal Update ref: 64201/10/201909/10/2019Call-in expired
Procurement of Asset Management System ref: 64101/10/201909/10/2019Call-in expired
Local Government Corporate Peer Challenge Report ref: 64701/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Q1 Performance Report ref: 64601/10/201901/10/2019Not for call-in
Budget Monitoring Out turn report P5 ref: 63901/10/201909/10/2019Call-in expired
Tender Bristol City Council and Bristol Waste Motor Insurance ref: 64001/10/201909/10/2019Call-in expired
Templegate and West End MSCP Structural Repairs ref: 64301/10/201909/10/2019Call-in expired
Public Health Commissioning Intentions 2020 - 2025 NHS Health Checks ref: 63501/10/201909/10/2019Call-in expired
Management of Rents for the Syrian Resettlement scheme ref: 63427/08/201927/08/2019Not for call-in
Airport Road Disposal Strategy ref: 63801/10/201909/10/2019Call-in expired
Procurement of ZEDpods at Chalks Road Car Park ref: 63701/10/201909/10/2019Call-in expired
Improving Bristol's Post 16 Education, Skills and Career Pathways Strategy 2019-24 ref: 63601/10/201909/10/2019Call-in expired