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Allow Residents Parking Permits In BS1 Central Zone and Open Bays in Harbour to Local Residents

We the undersigned Put to Bristol City Council that their policies regarding car parking within the BS1 central zone are detrimental to the quality of life and experience of local residents, with parking for even one vehicle made near-impossible for residents of BS1, including the Harbourside and the Council's 'Central Parking Zone'. Unlike other areas such as Hotwells and Clifton, residents of the area have no immediate option to purchase permits for on-street parking*, meaning those without allocated spaces in their residences have almost no chance of finding parking spaces. Having visitors with cars is a definite no-go due to this. What's more, there are simply hundreds of potential bays whereby permit or other resident-friendly parking schemes could operate around the Lloyds Bank building and along the Hotwells Road, none of which will the council open up to residents. As a keen advocate of improving air quality and reducing pollution, I can see no negative impact from allowing residents to

*Since submitting this petition the council have contacted me to advise that there is a waiting list under which residents can apply for

Started by: Jason Hill

This ePetition runs from 19/08/2019 to 19/08/2020.

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