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BCC to support and respect the rights of Van Dwellers

We the undersigned call upon Bristol City Council to reconsider their approach to the proposed Vehicle Dwelling Encampment Policy. This petition represents a defence of the van-dwelling lifestyle. While the community is very diverse, and many have been forced into the lifestyle in the face of the housing crisis, it remains a cultural choice and/or is of economic necessity for many van-dwellers whose lives revolve around this mode of dwelling. It is also worth noting here that many people have been born into this lifestyle and wish to preserve their way of life and deserve respect for their cultural differences. Councils have an obligation to promote equality and tackle discrimination. The policy is felt to be disproportionately aligned with the needs of one community – the “settled” community – at the expense of another: the van-dwelling community. While we acknowledge anti-social behaviour has been a problem among some vandwellers, much of what is considered “anti-social” could be remedie

This petition has been put together based on existing research findings and online discussions among members of the van dwelling community and their supporters in Bristol.

Started by: Rhiannon Craft

This ePetition ran from 30/08/2019 to 03/09/2019 and has now finished.

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