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Make lower Whitehall Road safe for pedestrians

We the undersigned want clearer more obvious signage to let cars know that this are is a 20 mph zone. In addition, we need speed calming measures all the way along the narrow stretch which has narrow pavements. By ensuring the traffic sticks to the speed limit this area will be safer for all users.

Lower Whitehall Road (near the Easton Road (B4465) bridge) has very narrow pavements and a narrow road width. Within a few hundred metres of that area there are two Nurseries; a Secondary School, a Playground, two Primary Schools and several entrances to the Bristol Bath Cycle Path. The road is heavily used by school kids, families with young kids, pedestrians and cyclists, getting to and from work, school and going about their daily business.

This area is marked as a 20mph zone, yet cars, vans, and lorries all travel in excess of this limit. The road is narrow and the frequent buses drive so close to the pavement that pedestrians to avoid being hit by mirrors when on the pavement. It is frightening and dangerous to be a pedestrian on this road. When it rains, the pedestrians get soaked from the traffic speeding down the road.

Many families have to cross and walk along this road every day to reach their local nursery/school and it is extremely hazardous.

There are speed bumps near the corner of Canon Street, but after crossing these, cars tend to speed up.

When houses leave their bins out this stretch of road is even more dangerous, as the narrow pathways become even narrower.

Please see recent photos and a map of the area here:

Started by: lindsey allen

This ePetition ran from 20/01/2020 to 31/03/2020 and has now finished.

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