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Improve disgusting and dangerous St Werburghs/Lockleaze path

We the undersigned ask the council to urgently improve the footpath that goes past the Narroways Nature Reserve, between Mina Road in St Werburghs and Rousham Road in Lockleaze. This well-used path is constantly littered with flytipped rubbish, human excrement, litter and dog faeces. It is unpleasant, unsanitary and unsafe. The lack of lighting encourages people to use the alleyway as a toilet and a waste dump. It also increases the danger of falls and muggings. There is also a broken fence which periodically collapses on the path, presenting a further danger. The path is used by hundreds of people every day, including a large number of children attending Fairfield Secondary School. For those of us living at the top of the path, it is the only direct walking and cycling route to St Werburghs and onwards to the city centre. But it has now become so foul that it seriously affects our enjoyment of living in Bristol.

We urge the council to do the following:

1. Lighting should be installed along the length of the path.

2. The path should be regularly checked and cleaned by street cleaning teams.

3. The piles of flytipped builders' waste and litter should be removed.

4. A dog waste bin and a poo bag dispenser should be installed.

5. The fence at the top of the path should be fixed.

6. The surface of the path should be repaired, with proper drainage to avoid the flooding in some sections.

7. People living in caravans, trucks and vans in the area should be offered legitimate sites with adequate facilities for disposing of toilet waste.

Started by: Arthur Girling

This ePetition ran from 25/01/2020 to 07/03/2020 and has now finished.

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