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Enforce 20mph to encourage switch to cycling with Covid 19

We the undersigned urge Bristol City Council to work with Avon police to enforce 20 mph zones already established in the city. We have seen a big increase in people king and cycling as a result of Lockdown. There are lots of things BCC could be doing to make sure this shift becomes permanent (creating cycle ways, widening pavements etc). But one doesnt require and new consultation or infrastructure, it simply requires us to properly enforce the existing speed limits.

There is plenty of evidence to show the impact of reduced speed on injuries, fatalities and on the uptake of active travel (see here http://www.20splenty.org/) It just seems to me to be obvious that this would be a really simple way to help people make the switch to walking and cycling. Anyway, thanks for reading.

Started by: tim wye

This ePetition ran from 23/05/2020 to 04/07/2020 and has now finished.

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