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Replace the Colston Statue with Paul Stephenson

We the undersigned Call in the Council to replace the Colston statue with a statue for Paul Stephenson, who led the Bristol Bus Boycott

Following the statue of Edward Colston being thrown into the harbour, it is time a suitable replacement is found that honours black Bristolians.

I believe that one candidate for his replacement would be Paul Stephenson. He led the 1963 Bristol Bus Boycott, started because Bristol Post annouced in 1961 that black workers were refused work despite a worker shortage due to a resolution from the Transport and General Workers' Union. The Boycott influenced the creation of the Race Relations Act.

It is time Bristol moves forward with its history in the slave trade, acknowledging the evil committed and how it can educate its citizens about black history.

Started by: Marley Bennett

This ePetition ran from 07/06/2020 to 19/07/2020 and has now finished.

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