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Build homes in streets not high-rise tower blocks

We the undersigned call the Mayor to work with elected members and council officers to ensure that streets of houses and low-rise apartments, not high-rise tower-blocks, are built for homes in Bristol. High-rise accommodation is not a good solution to the current housing shortage: it is associated with problems for mental health and well-being, higher levels of anti-social behaviour and vandalism, poor maintenance, and less community cohesion. High-density housing can be achieved without resorting to high-rise. Tower blocks are more expensive to build than high-density low-rise options. Tower blocks are also more expensive to maintain, leading to concerns about safety standards. Bristol needs more human-scale residential accommodation that supports healthy communities.

Bristol needs good quality, affordable homes to help with the housing crisis. High density residential accommodation can play an important role in providing homes but does not have to be high-rise. Research shows:• Multi-storey housing is associated with poor social outcomes even when socio-economic conditions are comparable• Residents of high-rise blocks suffer more stress and mental health difficulties • Children living in high-rise accommodation suffer more stress and behavioural problems, are less likely to play outside, and spend more time playing alone or in restricted play • Death by suicide is higher in high-rise accommodation • Communal areas of high-rise estates are more likely to be vandalised and suffer anti-social behaviour • Crime and fear of crime are greater • High-rise occupants are less likely to feel psychosocial benefits from living in their homes (such as safety, retreat and privacy) • Fewer social interactions, and lower levels of perceived community cohesion, are associated with high-rise accommodation • Multi-storey housing costs more to build than other high-density options• Maintenance of high-rise accommodation is more complex and more expensive References 1) Boys Smith N, Morton A. Create Streets Not just multi-storey estates. Policy Exchange, 2013. 2) GoWell. Glasgow Community Health and Wellbeing Research and Learning Programme. The effects of high-rise living within social rented housing areas in Glasgow. Briefing Paper 11, April 2011. 3) Gifford R. The Consequences of Living in High-Rise Buildings. Architectural Science Review, March 2007.

Started by: Suzanne Audrey

On reaching 3500 signatures a full council debate will be held.

This ePetition ran from 21/11/2017 to 30/07/2018 and has now finished.

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