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Changes to CAF for Secondary School Admissions in September, 2021

We the undersigned request Bristol City Council to increase the number of secondary school choices on CAF from 3 to 5 "or" give an opportunity to amend the school choices in December 2020.

Children take the 11+ grammar school test which is generally conducted in September with results available before the deadline for CAF application which is the 31st of October. However, this year due to COVID-19 most of the test dates have been moved to mid or end of October with results being announced towards the end of November.

A child will be considered for a place at a selective grammar school not only by achieving the qualifying standard score but also to include the school as a preferred choice on the CAF through the local authority. Therefore, without the 11+ selective grammar school test results available, it will be difficult to include the choices in the CAF before the deadline of 31st October. Some councils have either increased the number of choices to 5 "or" gave an opportunity to amend the school choices in December, 2020 after the selective school test results have been declared.

Therefore, we kindly request Bristol City Council to either increase the number of school choices on CAF from 3 to 5 "or" give an opportunity to amend the school choices in December.

Started by: Ramesh Pitla

This ePetition ran from 19/10/2020 to 15/12/2020 and has now finished.

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Council response

Thank you for presenting your petition at Full Council on Tuesday 8 December.

I appreciate the disruption to the administration and assessment of 11+ examinations that Covid-19 has created this year.

The closing date for applications through the Common Application Form (CAF) of 31st October 2020 is a statutory closing date set by the Department for Education (DfE) and cannot be amended by Bristol City Council. Covid-19 regulations recommended that parents include a preference for a local non-selective school in case selection results were not available until after the statutory closing date of 31st October 2020.

The timetable for administering a coordinated admissions process for all Bristol children is very challenging, incorporating hundreds of communications between local authorities and schools regarding applications and their outcomes. Due to the complexities and timeframes involved to enable all Bristol children to be offered a school place on statutory national offer day of 1st March 2021, we cannot unfortunately facilitate the request to amend school preferences in December 2020 and for those changes to be included in the initial round of allocations.

I appreciate this response will be disappointing. However, whatever the outcomes of the 11+ exams, I hope that your child will thrive in whichever school your family chooses.

Kind regards
Marvin Rees
Mayor of Bristol