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Make Kennington Avenue (Bishopston/BS7) a one-way traffic system

We the undersigned Are a group of local residents proposing a one-way traffic system/enforcement along Kennington Avenue (Bishopston/BS7), to direct vehicles to move in one direction solving many of the issues we have to deal with.

Proposal brief

Proposing a one-way traffic system/enforcement along Kennington Avenue (Bishopston/BS7), to direct vehicles to move in one direction, solving many of the issues we have to deal with.

A one-way street is a street either facilitating only one-way traffic, or designed to direct vehicles to move in one direction.

Currently, the traffic system along Kennington Avenue (Bishopston) is in dire need of changing.
The current 2-way system is not appropriate for the street width, and is causing lots of issues, such as the following:

Constant 2-way build-up of cars, which means cars have to reverse and back-up very far, sometimes into the main road of Ashely Down Road. This also significantly increases the chance of colliding cars, causing damage to local residents’ parked cars

The road is long and narrow, with therefore a two-way system is completely counterintuitive and increases the probability of two-way conflicts

Aggravated drivers are sometimes refusing to back-up to allow space, and this has sometimes led to verbal (and in some cases nearly physical) exchanges on the street

Drivers are using the road as an unnecessary shortcut to Gloucester Road, which is causing build-up and unnecessary flow of additional traffic

Unnecessary traffic is causing higher levels of noise pollution on our street

Congestion is causing higher levels of actual air pollution on our street and the local area (and wider region)

The road is unsafe because of 2-way flow traffic, increasing the risk of conflicts with pedestrians, other vehicles and parked vehicles, with the outlined above problems

We have seen a number of significant crashes in the area, with pylons being buckled and ripped out of the road from impatient drivers turning into the road or having to reverse onto the main road, also increasing the chance of accidents, which could be fatal

We propose a one-way system enforcement, to ensure the following:

The one-way system would mean all residents’ vehicles would be parked properly, allowing an easing and better flow of traffic towards Ashley Down Road. This also means maneuvering out of parked spaces would be easier and less time-consuming for everyone.

No annoyances of having to back-up/reverse vehicles, reducing the risk of crashes and collisions to local residents’ parked cars. This would also undoubtedly ensure a better flow of traffic towards Ashley Down Road.

Ease traffic congestion and would promote a better flow of traffic towards and onto Ashely Down road

More importantly, safer roads. This will undoubtedly make the roads a lot safer. Brunel Field Primary School is very close, and the current system increases risk of safety not only to drivers but to pedestrians and local residents. Bristol County Ground Cricket field is also close and match days, the road can get unnecessarily built up, with increasing problems outlined above.

Would significantly reduce noise pollution

Would significantly reduce harmful fumes/air pollution in the local area (and wider region)

Increase the capacity of vehicle bandwidth along the street

Reduce intersection conflicts for pedestrians and vehicles and reduced collisions

Increase opportunity for parking spaces, allowing local residents to safely park their car and with more opportunities

Other adjacent streets in the local area, such as Seymour Road, have a one-way system and this seems to work well - so why can’t Kennington Avenue?


How to solve the issues:

Clear one-way signage - both at the top of Kennington Avenue showing a one-way system, and a no entry sign at the bottom to be clear to drivers

On-road signage to reinforce the eye-level street signage

Camera signs and equipment installation - if surveillance can be installed it would again reinforce the above points

This would not cost the local authority much and would be quick to install, with only on-street signage and road signage/on-road

Started by: Ed Fairman

This ePetition runs from 04/03/2021 to 31/12/2021.

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